But This Love is Ours

When Melissa's parents kick her out she is forced to live with her brother Liam but she discovers living with her brother and his friends is more dangerous than she thought.


2. Unwelcome Welcomes

Jake’s POV

 “Lucy come here” Liam slurred, Georgia rolled her eyes, Liam was drunk once again.

“What li?” I heard Lucy say.

“My sister’s coming.” I heard him say in confusion.

He has a sister? Liam has a sister? What’s here name? Who is she? So many questions ran through my head so I decided I’d ask him.

“Liam!” I shouted.

“Yepp Jakeyyy?” He said in a cheery, tipsy voice.

“You have a sister?”

“Er, I think so, yes” we both walked into the kitchen as the girls remained seated in the living room.

“Why is she coming to our house?” I said now in the same room as him.

“You shouldn’t be listening to my conversationsss.” He said stumbling over and tapping my nose. “But yeah she’s coming so deaaaal with it.” He laughed. We both walked back to Georgia who was nervously fiddling with her nails until Liam collapsed on the sofa, literally.

Lucy walked in looking confused, her blonde hair curled perfectly on her shoulder, her front layers framing her face beautifully. Honestly, she looked gorgeous, if she wasn’t Liam’s she’d be mine but I knew better than to mess with Liam.

“My sisters coming to stay with us.”  He slurred.

Lucy walked over and kissed him on the cheek “Which sister?” she asked.

“Myy sisterrr obviousllyyy” He said dragging out every word, again.

“What sister? What alcohol have YOU been drinking” Georgia asked.

“Leave him alone George he’s drunk” Lucy sighed “Anyway about this sister whys she…”


“OOH who’s that” Liam laughed.

“Go get it” Lucy whispered.

“Get Jake to do it” Lucy looked at me with asking eyes.

“Fine” I ran to the door and opened it and the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen looked up. She had blonde natural curly hair and bright sparkling blue eyes that shimmered even in the darkness.

“Erm is Liam in?” she asked breaking the silence, making me realise how long it took for me to realise how pretty she was.

“Er yeah but he’s kind of a bit t-“

“Is that my sister? Mellyyyyyyy” he slurred attacking her into a hug.

“Get off me” she snapped, “I come here to talk serious but you’ve decided to take this as an opportunity to make a joke of me” Liam comically raised an eyebrow and grinned playfully. The other Payne’s eyes welled up with tears which were too much to blink back.

“You know what- I don’t know why my first decision was to find you, I’ll live in an alley way as long as I’m away from this think that’s shamefully related to me” she walked off hurt.

“What did I do now, Mel come back, Melissa” he tumbled after her as she sped up her pace.


“What’s the drama?” Lucy asked, she burst out laughing watching Liam’s attempt to chase Melissa.

“We’d better help them”

And that’s the way we got introduced to Mel.

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