Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


8. The Dream

Louis's POV:

I hear the music blaring from the stereo of my car as I speed down the back roads of Britian. Fields filled with animals pass by quickly. I had to leave. I couldn't face the consequences. Maybe they deserved it maybe they didn't. Honestly I don't care. I'll just leave for America. Maybe they won't have gays there. Or at least as many.

The song had just went off when I see the red and blue lights in my mirror. Shit. The police. Just fucking great. I slow down and pull off the road. The police officer pulls up behind me and gets out. He's a taller man with a buzz cut. His facial features are what women would call attractive. But I am not a women so I don't.

"May I help you officer?" I say as politely as I can. He looks down at me. His eyes are a hazel color. Quite lovely actually. No homo though.

"Are you Louis Tomlinson?" He asks. I stare at him scared to say yes. "Sir I have to ask you to step out of the car please," I do as he says. He shuts the car door and shoves me up against the side of my car. He grabs my hands and puts them behind my back. "You are under arrest for the assault and attempted murder of Niall Horan." With that he walks me over and puts me in the back of his SUV. He gets in and we drive away. It's thirty minutes until we get back to town.

When we get to the city police station the officer grabs me and literally drags me out o the seat. He takes me inside and take my cuffs off. He walks me back in a room and shuts the door. "Take your clothes of and put that on." He says and I wait for him to leave. Instead he sits down in a chair.

"Are you gonna leave?" I ask and he laughs. He looks back up his expression solid again.

"This is jail. We can't leave unattended at any point in time other than when your in your cell. I thinkłll about arguing but I know it's pointless. I quickly change into the clothes he has given me. Shortly after he takes me back to the cell black. There not very many people in here but the ones that are in here are on their feet next to the bars making sexual comments to reseda me. The officer stops and shoves me inside of a cell. When I'm in he slams the door shut.

So this is what jail is like. I lay down on the bed they have given me. The mattress is rough and clumpy. It's cold in the cell also. I turn to face the wall and slowly drift off to sleep.

I hear Harry stumbling around in the bathroom. I don't know how i know. I just do. I stand up to go check on him. I knock on the door before entering. "Almost ready babe," he says. Why did he call me babe. Stupid fagget. I open the door not sure what to expect. I see Harry holding his finger and blood in the sink. "I dropped my razor and cut my finger"

"Come here Haz," I tell him. I turn the facet of the sink on and warm water starts flowing out. I grab Harry's hand and stick it under the water. I tries to pull back but I won't let him. Once I've rinsed the blood of I dry it off with a wash rag. I reach under the sink for rubbing alcohol and he doesn't look to happy about it. I dump a little on the rag and moves towards Harry. He sticks out his hand and I put the rag on the long cut going down the side of his index finger. I hold it there for a minute then take it off. It look a little to big for a bandaid so I decide to leave it be. "All better," I say smiling.

"Thanks love" he tells me leaning down kissing me. I try to will myself to move but I don't. I continue kissing him back.

I surge up in the bed quickly still thinking about the dream. Why did I just dream about kissing Harry? I'm not gay I hate gay people. Whatever it was just a dream. It'll never come true.

A/N: sorry guys it took so long again. It's not easy being a guy direction. All the hate and shiz. But anyway. I wasn't sure about putting the dream part in there but I decided to. Oh and holy cows nipple guys Nelson Triplets favorited my story. Like omg I love him and his stories. I have eyegasms everytime I read one. They are just so perf. But anyways stay beautiful. I love you all.

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