Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


2. First Day

Liam's POV:

"Morning mate," Louis was the first to speak. I know Niall had a towel around him but I could tell he was still embarrassed. His cheeks grew to a deep shade of red. It was really cute. I only wish I could tell Niall how I feel. I first figured out that I was gay last year. It just kind of happened. I don't really like girls anymore. I bring them home a lot because I don't want anyone to know. I'm scared my best mates wont accept me for who I am. Especially Niall. His blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. I have to admit him standing there in nothing but a towel was pretty damn sexy.

"Morning guys," Niall says in his charming Irish accent but I can hear the embarrassment in his voice. The poor thing.

"Did you forget something Nialler?" Louis asks with a smart ass tone. Zayn and Harry both laugh but I feel bad for him. Niall is so shy around people. I knew him almost a year before he took his shirt off in front of me. Niall then just turns around and walks off. I'm glad he did before the guys did something really embarrassing. It is so difficult to watch and not do anything. I have strong feelings for Niall but no one knows.

A few minutes later Niall comes out in blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt. His white Nike 6.0s are in his hand. he sets them down and walks to the table. The guys are already snickering. They know Niall is shy but they don't care. "You might want to warm-" I trail off seeing Niall sit down and start eating his eggs cold, " or just eat them cold."

Niall looks up at me while he is eating and stares at me. I am washing dishes so I don't think he knows I can see him. I don't want to embarrass him so I just act like a don't notice. After a minute or two he looks away. He has finished his breakfast and brings me his plate. I reach for the plate and our hands touch. Niall and I have touched before and it never felt like this. I felt sparks fly as our hands touched. It was the most incredible thing. I could tell Niall felt it too. The way he looked at me with that look in his eyes. I didn't want this moment to end. But just then Niall pulls away.

"Are ready to go?" Niall asks once he pulls away. He walks over to his shoes and puts them on. After he has them on he walks over and grabs his books.

"I need to out a shirt on and I will be," I tell Niall. Then I turn to the living room, "guys we are about to leave and we would appreciate it if you leave." I say bluntly. they all get up leaving Niall and I to myself. I walk to my room.

"Hey, Liam," Niall screams from the living room, "you should wear that light blue shirt that I got you, I really like that one." I look through my closet and find the shirt Niall is talking about and put it on. Then I grab my solid black backpack and through over my shoulder. I grab my phone as I walk out of my room into the living room. Niall runs over too me and snaps a picture of us. I don't question this because he does it all the time. I shut the door and lock as we walk out. when we are walking down the stairs Niall almost trips. He is typing on his phone. Just then I hear my phone go off. I pull it out and look at the screen.


" @NiallOfficial: @Real_Liam_Payne first day of college wish us luck. "

The picture Niall took was below it. We don't have many followers because we aren't famous but who cares. I look up in time to avoid crashing into a random women. Niall has put his phone away and is now in front of me running down the stairs. I can tell he is excited. we walk out the lobby door and to my car. Its a blue Mazda 6. An older model but it still runs and drives good. the drive to the campus is only a couple minutes. I pull into the parking spot I was assigned. Niall jumps out quickly grabbing his stuff. I get out and hit the lock key on the remote.

The campus is huge. There are thousands of students. We walk in and find the office right next to the door. There is an old lady behind the desk. She looks up over her glasses as we walk in.

"Can I help you two fine gentlemen?

"Um.. hi we are freshman. We are here to pick up our class schedules."


"Niall Horan and Liam Payne" she clicks around on the computer and begins to print the schedules. She hands each of us a schedule. She mistakenly hands me Niall's and Niall gets mine he looks down at it and walks out. He didn't even look at the name. I follow him out. Once we are a few feet away from the office I grab Niall by the arm and it surprises him. "She gave us each others schedules." He looks down at mine and nods then hands mine to me as I hand mine to him. Our classes are on the complete opposite sides of the campus. We say goodbye and part ways.

My first class is public speaking. It went by quickly. My second was track practice. I got a scholarship here for running track. I have been running since I was little. I want to be an Olympic runner. It is a good way to  get my name out there. We all practice together. we do a mile run. I do it like its nothing. I ran five miles every morning before school in high school.

Then we go to third. I have English. Then fourth is study hall and lunch break. Fifth is theatre Arts. I enjoyed theatre. I will get the opportunity to show my voice to the public. Finally the day is over. I just want to go home and hang out with Niall. I hope he had a wonderful day. I look down at my phone before I walk out of class. I have 6 texts from Niall. He is waiting for me in the car. I walk to the parking lot and walk to the car. When I get close I see Niall. He is on the ground with three guys crowded around him. When I get closer I notice that the people around him are Louis, Zayn, and Harry.

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