Niall finds himself having unusual emotions towards his best friend Liam. And when Liam unexpectedly kisses him things heat up. What will the two do when one of them is overcome by an unseen sickness.


3. Betrayed

Niall's POV:

Harry, Louis, and Zayn were standing over me kicking me. They had surrounded me earlier and started hitting me. I know exactly why they are doing this. I tasted the metallic taste in my mouth of blood. I felt it coming from my nose. How could my friends betray me like this. I started coughing up blood now. They were too much. I don't know how much longer I can take it before I pass out. My ribs feel like they are broken.

Just when my vision starts getting blurry I hear someone coming. They will either help me or help them. "Hey!!! What the fuck are you doing to him?" I hear the person say. I can tell it's Liam by his voice. They all turn away from me. Liam runs up and knocks the hell out of Zayn sending him falling in his back. He turns around and dodges Harry's right hook an knees him in the stomach. He turns to Louis and Louis takes off running. Louis evidently knew he was no match for Liam's kick boxing. He went to boxing camp in high school I protect himself from people bullying him.

"Are you okay?"he asks and I nod saying yes. He picks me up, cradling me in his arms. He walks to his car and lays me down in the backs seat. He walks around and gets in the drivers seat. We start driving. A few minutes later we have stopped and I can see the too of our apartment building. He carries me inside and lays me on his bed because it's closer. "I'll be right back."

He comes back in with a first aid kit, a water bottle, and wet rag. He wipes the blood from my face and wraps some kind of medical tape around the bottom I my ribs and top of my stomach. He gives me the water to drink and climbs in bed and sits next to me. I roll over to face him.

"You don't have to tell me but why were they doing that to you?" He looks at me with concerned and wondering eyes. I can't tell him. He will think of me differently. I know he will. If I hadn't written it in my journal they would have never beat me p. And I wouldn't have I tell Liam. What if he acts the same as them? What if he thinks I am weird? I can tell that Liam can see my unwillingness to tell him.

"Well..." I say getting the courage to say it. " I think I like you."

"Of course you like me Niall I am your bestfriend." He replies to me.

"No liam. I like you as more than a friend." I say and he just stares at me. I have just lost my best friend. My heart is now broken. "I'm so-" I'm not able to finish. Liam kisses me with forcefulness. I am confused and don't know what to do so I pull away. Now Liam has joined my club of confusion.

"What's wrong?" He asks me. I just stare at him. "Niall I also have feelings for you." When he say that my heart was mended from it's brokenness'

"What? Since when?"

"For a long time. I haven't even like women for a while now." He admits.

"But what about all the women you bring home?" I ask him.

"They were cover ups. I have always had feelings for you Niall not them." Liam tells me. My cheeks grow hot and I know I'm blushing. He kisses me again, this time slow and gentle. A perfect kiss. We lay there for hours with his arms around me. We stay that way until close to 7:00 and we decide to go out for dinner.

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