Imagines From Your Own Brain

I guess the title says it all. Just comment your name, looks hobbies and anything that crosses your mind, who you want it to be with and what band they're from (they don't have to be in a band, just a famous person) and what genre!
Thankssss, and enjoy <33


3. Crystal And Louis;)

Hope you like it...

Crystal's POV


I was walking down the road with Louis to my left, holding my hand tightly. We were making our way to my job... I'm not a model, I'm a singer. This was my first time as THE Crystal. I was going to see if I was good enough so that I can be a proper singer finally.


''You'll be fine, babe. I bet you'll have like thirty fans within the minute your on that screen.''  Louis tightened his grip on my hand when he noticed I was getting nervous. I gave him a weak smile, and soon enough we arrived to the studio.


''Please can you come in...'' I begged, dreading going in by myself. Lou nodded and went straight in. Taking a deep breath, I followed him. The studio was huge, it had a huge stage down the end, and there were hundreds of seats in neat rows. Then there was a really big door saying dressing rooms.


Louis nodded his head towards the door indicating that I should go in. He squeezed my hand and let go, letting me go into the dressing room area. I gave him a small kiss on the lips and made my way over to the intimidating doors. I slid them open and slipped through, letting them close behind me. Looking around, I saw loads of doors with names...


One Direction

Jessie J

Little Mix

The Wanted (!)






I knocked on the door slowly and a tall woman opened it.


''Ooh, Crystal?'' Her voice was high and squeaky but she looked very nice with  very long brown hair and piercing green eyes. She wore a green knee length dress and shiny white heels. I nodded and her face lit up. ''Come on in, love.''


''Thank you.'' I smiled and stepped into my dressing room. It had a dressing table with all sorts of make up and hair products, and behind it was the biggest and clearest mirror I'd ever seen. I turned my head to find a long rack of dresses, shorts, skirts, shirts, and jeans.


''We need to make you look BE-AU-TI-FUL for this, so lets pick out an outfit, huh?'' The lady said. Her name tag read Miley which made me cringe. My face lit up when I saw an ankle length red dress with little beads just above the breast area. I had one of these cuts up the leg which made it look so much better. I walked over to it and picked it up showing it to Miley.


''This looks nice.'' I said smiling. Miley's face lit up and she her teeth showed through her huge smile.


''YES!'' She nodded and took hold of my shoulders pushing me towards the dresser and pushing me down onto the chair.


''HAIR!'' She yelled energetically making me giggle. ''Straight, curled, or...what do ya want?''


''Er... how about we leave it wavy and clip it to the side with a nice clip and then leave it natural?'' I  suggested, pulling my red hair to the right. Miley thought for a while before taking my hair and pulling it to the left instead. To be honest it looked much, much better. I smiled and Miley did the same, before pulling out a big bag labeled Hair Clips. She handed it over to me and I unzipped it. My jaw dropped at the amount of beautiful hair clips. I got out all the red ones, sliver ones, and black and white ones. I looked through them all, tracing my fingers on them delicately.


''This one.'' I held up a silver one. It was in the shape of crystals, which was ironic seeing as it's my name, and it had little red flakes which looked like fire. It shined and had a few red strings dangling down making it suit my red hair. Miley agreed and styled my hair, before pushing me behind a curtain and shoving the dress in my hand. She smiled before walking off, and I giggled, turning around and sliding the dress on. It fitted perfectly, bringing out all the curves in all the right places.


''MILEY, IS IT MAKE-UP TIME?'' I shouted at Miley and heard a muffled chuckle from behind the curtain.


''Yeah come out.''She yelled back. I came out and Miley gasped. '' You look so hot.'' She breathed.


''Thanks.'' I giggled and sat back down as Miley did my make up for me.


''Beaut, now get out there and blow them away, Cryst.'' I thanked her, hugged her and walked down a long hall with my head held high. I walked  onto the stage and saw four judges sat down on chairs and a very small audience. I skimmed through everyone until I saw Louis with a banner turned away from me. I looked to his right and saw Niall holding the other end of the banner and many people in the middle. I frowned but was brought back to reality when the Juge with the name tag reading Samantha interrupted me.


''Name, age, and job please?''


''I'm Crystal, 17 and I don't work, I just sing at parties I guess.'' I said confidently.


''Begin please.'' Another judge said. I smiled began singing into the mic.


''She lives in the shadow of a lonely girl,

voice so quiet you don't hear a word,

always talking but she can't be heard.


You can see it there if you catch her eye,

I know she's brave but it's trapped inside,

scared to talk but she don't know why.


Wish I knew back then what I know now,

wish I could somehow go back in time,

and maybe listen to my own advise.


I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out,

talk a bit louder, be a bit prouder tell her she's

beautiful wonderful, everything she doesn't see.


You gotta speak up, you gotta shout out,

and know that right now, you can be,

beautiful, wonderful, anything you wanna be.


Little me...'' I sand my heart out and carried on with the song, watching everyone's expression change. My eyes locked with Louis and her mouthed at me something, I couldn't catch, so he mouthed it again.


''I love you.'' I smiled at him and winked, as many people cheered. Once I had finished the song, Louis, Niall and the rest of lads and many more people twisted the banner around, making me gasp and tear up.


''Marry me, babe...I <3 You, Cryst.

                                          Louis xx''


The whole room turned around and once they saw the banner they all cheered, even the judges.


''Well,'' Samantha, the judge, began. ''This has GOT to be the best proposal ever, but your singing...WAS AMAZING! I cried, I swear, you girl are very gifted. It's definitely a YES from me!'' She cried out, making everyone laugh.


''Thank you very much.'' I smiled, but still haven't managed to unlock my eyes from Lou's.


''Piece of crap... it's a yes from me.'' The judge called Max winked at me, making me laugh. At first I was going to have a heart attack but I guess it was sarcasm. I still had my eyes on Lou, but thanked Max as well.


''You very talented young lady, and I must say...Phew that proposal.''A much older lady called Angeline giggled, her voice cracking. I smiled and thanked her, waiting for the last judge to speak up.


''Crystal...You're very young to be a singer...But how can I say no to that heaven you have in your throat, girl?'' Leon, a ginger younger man said. I breathed out and jumped up in celebration. The room buzzed with cheering from the audience and I walked back to the mic.


''YES, LOU!'' I screamed, making people scream, cry, and jump and pat Louis on the back. Louis' face lit up and I smiled, careful not to cry and smudge my make up.

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