Jess is just starting her second semester of being a Junior in high school. To start the semester off, she volunteers to show the new kid around the school. Mainly because she gets to skip gym class, but also because she is intrigued by the idea of meeting someone new. Over the first month of school, Jess becomes really close friend with the new student, but who wouldn't become best friends with Louis Tomlinson. He's funny, entertaining, and not to mention cute, but Jess would never admit to thinking that. Louis is always there for Jess, especially when she gets heart shattering news that changes everything.


19. Eighteen.

When Thursday morning came around, I was very reluctant to get out of bed and Louis' warm embrace. I had to get everything together, though, to start our day together. I had everything planned and ready to go, making my heart beat fast in anticipation of today's events. I was excited to spend the whole day with Louis. Being around him makes all the sad thoughts in my head disappear, and that's all I need right now. Something or someone to help the horrible thoughts of Jared's condition leave my head and replace them with smiles and happiness. Louis' good at that. The simplest thing he has to do is hold my hand and he makes everything seem better.

When I slid out of Louis' bed, I realized how tired I was. I hadn't sleep through a whole night since Tuesday night, thoughts of Jared not letting me shut my eyes. I sighed and made my way to the bathroom. I showered, letting the warm water cascade over my body and clear my mind; it soaked my skin and warmed me from the outside to the inside. I got out and changed into a sundress that I had brought over in preparation for the days events and went downstairs to the kitchen. I stopped in my tracks when I saw Louis' dad, Daniel, sitting with Johannah at the kitchen table.

“Hi, Jess,” Johannah smiled at me.

“Jess?” Danial asked, looking up from the newspaper he was reading. “Oh. Hi, Jess.”

“Hi,” I smiled at them.

“It seems like you're at my house more often than I am,” Daniel laughed.

“Right?” I giggled. “I've taken a liking to your son.”

“They're a couple now,” Johannah chimed in.

“Took him long enough,” Daniel shook his head.

“Louis told me that you would say that,” I laughed.

Daniel shrugged and started reading his paper.

“So, what are you doing up so early?” Johannah asked me.

“I wanted to spend the whole day with him, since out first date didn't end so spectacularly.”

“That's really sweet of you, Jess. Is that what the picnic basket it for? I saw it out when I got up this morning, so I packed it with lunch and some goodies for you two.”

“Thank you so much, Johannah,” I smiled at her. “That's so nice of you.”

“It's nothing,” she smiled back. “What else do you have planned?”

“I was also going to make him dinner and then watch some of his favorite movies. Everything that he likes, really. It might not seem like much--”

“No, no. It will be perfect,” Johannah cut me off. “He's going to love it.”

“I hope so. I don't know what else to do to show him how sorry I am.”

“Jess!” Louis called through the house. “Where are you?”

“Kitchen!” I called back, turning back to Johannah.

“No matter what you do, he'll understand,” she put her hand on my arm. “Well, we'll get out of your hair now. Have a nice day.”

“Thank you, Johannah,” I said, laughing as Johannah tired to get Daniel out of the kitchen.

He said that he wanted to join us for breakfast, since he hadn't eaten breakfast yet. Johannah bribed him with Ihop, to get him to stand up, and then she had to physically drag him out of the kitchen.

Now I see where Louis got his stubbornness from.

“Why is my mom dragging my dad out of the house?” Louis laughed when he walked into the kitchen.

“They wanted to give us some alone time, since we have our special date today,” I explained, hugging Louis around his neck.

“Oh, yeah,” his arms went around my waist. “Are you going to tell me what we're doing?”

“Well, right now, we are going to have breakfast. Would you like some Starbucks coffee?”

“No way!” Louis exclaimed.

“It's in the fridge,” I laughed.

Louis ran to the fridge and grabbed the two coffee cups from inside. He squealed a very girly squeal and jumped around the kitchen. He placed the cups on the table and came back over to me, crushing me in a hug. He then got down on one knee and took my hands into his.

“First, you bring me soup when I'm sick. Now, you bring me Starbucks. You're going to have to marry me, Jess.”

“You're an idiot,” I laughed, pulling Louis by his hands into a hug.

“Can we have breakfast now?”

“I was hoping you would kiss me, though,” I frowned.

“Fine. Then good,” Louis placed his lips on mine for a second, then pulled away. “I'm sorry. I can't kiss you when I know there is Starbucks in this house.”

“You have an addiction,” I laughed.

I kissed his cheek and placed the coffee in the microwave to reheat them.

“I do not. I have a deep love for it.”

“That's the same thing as an addiction,” I pointed out.

“Then, I must be addicted to you,” Louis said, looking right into my eyes.

My cheeks burned under his gaze. Does that mean he loves me?

“So, do you want pancakes?” I asked, avoiding eye contact.

“Just the coffee will do. Why aren't you looking at me?”

“Because you're ugly,” I said, my eyes staring at the ground.

I couldn't look at him. I felt too awkward. He can't love me, can he?

Jess,” Louis said, his bare feet appearing in front of me.

“That's me,” I laughed awkwardly, still not looking up.

“Please look at me,” Louis' hand came to my cheek, forcing me to look into his eyes. “What's wrong?”

“What did you mean by that?”

“The thing about the addiction?” Louis asked, my heart pounding in my chest. “It means exactly what you think it means, but I won't say the words if you're not ready for me to.”

“It's just that--”

“It's okay, Jess. I get it. I know how I feel about you, but that doesn't mean that you know how you feel about me,” he smiled reassuringly.

I nodded and pressed my lips to his. The microwave beeped before he we got too caught up in the kiss, so Louis and I enjoyed out coffee together in a comfortable silence.

My mind was reeling about what happened. Louis basically told me that he loves me. I don't understand how that's possible. We've only known each other for three months. Is that enough time to fall in love with someone? I've never been in love before. I know that I had strong feelings for Louis, strong enough to be considered love, but am I in love with Louis? People always say that there is a difference between loving someone and being in love with someone. You love your family, but you aren't in love with them.

When I think about Louis, I get a happy feeling in my stomach and in my heart, and I can't help but smile. When I think about everything he's done for me, every time he's been there for me, my heart beats faster and I swear I could fly. His smile makes me feel weak at the knees, his laugh makes me laugh, his hugs make me feel more alive, his kisses make feel extraordinary. When I think about him, I feel like things can get better, like things in my life aren't as bad as they seem. Without him, I would be drowning in my own sorrows. He helped me out of my numbness, and I am so thankful for that.

Maybe I do love Louis.

“What are we going to do now?” Louis asked.

“Have you ever been on a picnic?” I asked with a smile.

“Nope. Are we going on one?”


“Oh, this is going to be awesome,” Louis beamed.

“I know, that's why I planned it. Will you get the picnic basket? You're mom packed it for us then put it on top of the fridge, so you're don't wouldn't eat it.”

“Fine, but only because you look cute in that dress,” he said, getting the basket and putting it on the table. “I'm going to go change and then we can go.”

“Okay,” I said, kissing his cheek as he walked by.

When he came back down, he was dressed and ready to go. I stood up, hugging him around the waist. His cologne filled my nose, and I smiled.

“You look really adorable,” I told him.

“I was going to say that about you,” he took my hand. “Ready to go?”

“Let me get my shoes,” I kissed him on the cheek and ran up to his room to grab my converse. I slid them on, took one last look in the mirror, and ran back downstairs. I ran into the kitchen and jumped onto Louis' back, causing him to lose his balance and fall forward. He laughed loudly, rolling over so I was straddling his waist, looking down at his crinkled eyes and his red face. I admired him, lost in my own world of Louis, when I found myself leaning down to kiss him. My lips touched his, my hair acting as a curtain around our faces, and the world around us no long existed. It was only us in that moment, us and the simple touches that made my skin feel on fire.

“Don't we have a picnic to go on?” Louis whispered against my lips.

“Fine, fine, fine,” I stood up, my cheeks still flushed from our kiss.

“Where is this picnic happening?” Louis asked as I helped him stand up.

“That's a secret.”

“Exciting,” he wiggled his eyebrows.

I took Louis' hand and led him to my car, telling him to get his soccer ball before we left.

“Are we going to play soccer?” He asked as we got into my car.

“Will you quit trying to spoil everything? You'll find out soon.”

“Okay, but you know how hard it is for me to not ask questions.”

During the two hour drive to our picnic destination, Louis and I found a way to entertain ourselves by telling jokes. Louis laced our fingers together, his hand squeezing mine every time he laughed. He looked over at me with nothing by joy written across his face, in his smile and in his eyes. His nose and the corners of his eyes crinkling, the sound of his laughter leaving his parted lips. Happiness radiated from him, a contagious happiness that caused me to feel like I was floating on a cloud. Nothing had ever made me as happy as Louis.

“You make me happy,” I told him.

“Make you happy makes me happy,” Louis said back to me.

“You being happy from making me happy makes me happy,” I responded.

“I don't even know how to continue that,” he laughed. “Where are we?”

I parked the car. “I still can't tell you. This is not the final destination.”

“What if I refuse to go with you because I don't feel safe walking around some strange location?”

“Get out of the car, Louis,” I pushed his shoulder.

I unbuckled and got out of the car, grabbing the picnic basket from the backseat. When Louis got out of the car, I tossed him the soccer ball, laughing as it barely missed his head.

“Funny,” Louis rolled his eyes, picking up the ball.

“It sure was,” I giggled. “Come here. Take my hand and shut your eyes, I'll lead us to the secret destination.”

“Are you sure?”

“Don't be so hesitant. You can trust me.”

“Can I though?” Louis raised an eyebrow.

“Of course you can,” I rolled my eyes.

“If you run me into a tree, I will cry,” Louis shut his eyes.

“Just be quiet,” I told him, taking his hand and walking.

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