Jess is just starting her second semester of being a Junior in high school. To start the semester off, she volunteers to show the new kid around the school. Mainly because she gets to skip gym class, but also because she is intrigued by the idea of meeting someone new. Over the first month of school, Jess becomes really close friend with the new student, but who wouldn't become best friends with Louis Tomlinson. He's funny, entertaining, and not to mention cute, but Jess would never admit to thinking that. Louis is always there for Jess, especially when she gets heart shattering news that changes everything.


1. Prologue

The sensation of falling is an interesting one. The drop of your stomach as you float downwards. The way all the air is sucked out of your lungs, almost like a vacuum is being held over your mouth. The hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and your body breaks out in goosebumps. When you fall from a height, it seems as though your fate is in the hands of gravity. That is, if you're talking about that kind of falling.


IF YOU ARE JUST BEGINNING THIS STORY PLEASE NOT THAT IT IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND IN THE PROCESS OF BEING EDITTED. I started this story two years ago and in that time my writing has changed A LOT. I am editing Falling to make it more up to date with my current writing style. I would recommend just adding this story to your favorites and to begin reading when I am finished editing it. You can read it now, if you want, but just know that this is not my best quality of writing and that I will be changing a lot (well not any major plot lines, but it will be better once I am done and a few things might change here and there). If you do chose to wait to read Falling, just pay attention to the notifications because I will be posting a final note once I am. Thank you :))))

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