Love found in a best friend

Eldiwen is a beautiful girl she is middle sized , long brunette hair and brown eyes , her sweet kind heart is broken in two by Shameus her boyfriend but Darcey her best friend is secretly in love with her ... will he decide to tell her or keep it from her?


6. the importent Phone call

  Primrose got up but she was so weak so heartbroken so who else would she go to apart from her own father the one who she was so close too , she walked along the massive corridors and finally found her father who was still planning the attack.

Father can I talk to you ? Primrose said whipping her eyes

Yes Prim  what is it ? ,  oh by the way someone was calling you earlier by the name of "Darcey" I don't know who he or she is but they called you 5 times so I think you should call them back before you tell me what's wrong.

Primrose grabbed her phone and called him he didn't pick up the first time but after the 2nd time he picked up ...


Darcey what do you mean ? you broke up with me and you said you would never talk to me again , Darcey I'm so confused just make up your mind , and don't play with my heart okay?!

Primrose I don't know what you mean ? I haven't talked to you since that last phone call !

what ? but that was defiantly you who broke up with me !!

no I don't even know where about in the country you are and ask my mum I was at home the whole weekend ....

okay um maybe it was ... no it can't be I mean they haven't made contacts with you ?

what do you mean prim ? you mean to say that whoever "broke up" with you is an imposter like they made uh POLLYJUICE potion ?

Oh my god Darcey how could they do that ?

well maybe it was that dude who come to take you away from me for this quest ? maybe when he gave me a "bro hug" he might have took one of my hairs and planned us two to break up ?

Come on Darcey why would he do that ?

I don't know but whatever it is , its not a good thing....

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