Love found in a best friend

Eldiwen is a beautiful girl she is middle sized , long brunette hair and brown eyes , her sweet kind heart is broken in two by Shameus her boyfriend but Darcey her best friend is secretly in love with her ... will he decide to tell her or keep it from her?


8. Death upon us all

Darcey's POV 

"i don't know where Prim is I haven't even had a phone call , that's not like her maybe I should call? I don't know what's going on , oh great someone at the door I wonder who it is?"

Um hello? Can I help you Darcy said confused 

hahah funny .... Time to die the two men push Darcy into his house and attempt to kill him but Darcey pulls out his wand but the men grabs it and snaps it Darcey however is more skilled and punches like a man and uses the unforgivable curse .... AVADAKEVABRA ! Both the men fell dead before his feet , he quickly grabs one of the men's phone and calls Primrose , no answer her phone is switched off there is no way he can save her now ... he sits on the sofa and burries his head in his hands and was trying to figure out what to do. 


Primrose on the other hand was forced to go to dinner aw was dredding it and hated it when suddenly Darcey rushed in , she stood up imediatly and rushed to him and hugged him but of corse all the vampires where glaring at him and rushed to him but Prim through them across the other side of the room to protect him , Damion stood up and dragged Darcey outside he was furious. Prim tried to fight but was useless , Damion was too strong she bit him but her vampire teeth was so strong his arm came off she tore off his arms and head and through him into the fire she created with her eyes and finally Damion was dead , her father came out and shouted furiously "WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Primrose looked at Darcey then looked at her father.

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