The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


15. Chapter 9: The Pile Of Snow

Shire Terror walked on though the dark forest, Ivy now faithfully at her side. Ivy continued to look cautiously at Shire Terror, as Shire Terror strided along with great confidence. Shire Terror suddenly stops dead in her tracks. Ivy gasps as she doesn't notice Shire Terror has stopped, and accidently bumps into her. Shire Terror swung roung swiping at Ivy aggressivly. Ivy cried out in pain as Shire Terror's sharo claws sliced across her sensitive snout. Shire Terror sneared and said menacingly "take those cuts as a warning!" Ivy just nodded with fear struck in her heart. Shire Terror sniffed the cold air with interet. Ivy said with wonder "what can you smell?" Shire Terror just shushed her, and began to approach a large pile of snow. She noticed a paw sticking out from under the heavy pile of snow. It was as white as the snow, so Shire Terror only noticed it due to the fact that it was covered tiny black spots. Shire Terror smirked and said "this stupid leopard wasn't very lucky". Ivy flinched in shock as she noticed the paw clench shut and then slowly open again. Ivy shouted with surprise "unlucky or not, that leopards still alive!" Shire Terror commanded Ivy to dig. As Ivy began to sig out the leopard she said slightly irritated "arn't you going to help me". Shire Terror sneared and said sarcastically "I don't help, I only command". Ivy said crossly "I would get this leopard out a lot quicker with your help". Shire Terror held her paw up menacingly and growled with rage as she yelled "do you want another warning!?" Ivy shook her head from side to side vigurously as she gulped nervously.


Ivy eventually managed to free the young leopard from beneath the snow, no thanks to Shire Terror. The young leopard was half dead, and freezing cold. Shire Terror made Ivy carry the young leopard back to Shire Terror's lair. Ivy strained along, groaning under the young leopards heavy weight. Shire Terror commanded Ivy to lie on top of the young leopard, in order to warm her up. It took a whole night for the young leopard to awaken, and another two days to recover a minor cold. When her eyes first opened they noticed they were icy blue. She had a large scar across her back. "It is so good to see you awake, we thought you would die". The young leopard just groaned as Shire Terror pushed Ivy out of the way and said "don't be to soft on the new recruit, this clan shall have order at all times". Shire Terror looked at the young leopard and said coldly "tell me your name, and how you got under all that snow". The young leopard said slowly with a slight stutter "m-my name i-is Iceheart, and the sn-snow seemed to fly a-at me from all angles, until I was co-completly piled in ans helpless". Shire Terror scratched at her chin with her front paw and said with interest "how peculiar".

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