The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


20. Chapter 14: A Flutter Of Hope

Rayheart prepared for the worst, knowing she was trapped under Shire Terror's weight, she closed her eyes tightly, and waited for the enevitable. Her only hope would be if one of the other big cats stopped Shire Terror. But Rayheart knew this thought was as hopeless as her attempts to try anf break free from beneath those massive heavy paws. Rayheart knew fully well that Ivy and Iceheart were terrified of Shire Terror, and bowed down to her every order. As for Dusk... She was just drooling at the mouth, hungry to see some blood shed. Rayhearts only hope now was if somebody else heard all the commotion, and quickly came to her rescue. Rayheart was thinking along the lines of a big brave big cat coming to her rescue. Nobody was expecting what happened next. A small brave cheep cried out quietly "leave her alone!" Shire Terror looked up from her victims terrifed face, as she began scanning the area for the source of the voice. Shire Terror bellowed madly "WHO SAID THAT?!?!" In a split second a young Swift flashed before Shire Terror's face and peeped crossly "I did! Now you leave that poor defenceless tiger alone! She's done nothing to deserve death, and certainly nothing to deserve you getting mad at her! She has every right to say no to joining your clan!" Shire Terror growled crossly and said "were you istening in on my conversation?! HOW DARE YOU!!!!" The brave young Swift fluttered uneasily, but stood her ground as she chirped angrily "Now I suggest you let her go, or you will have me to answer to!!!!" Shire Terror laughed menacingly then replied with a laugh "don't talk utter rubbish! How could a tiny bird that thinks it's a lion, take on a massive tiger, that thinks it's the destroyer of worlds!?!?" The young Swift gulped nervously as she thought carefully on what to say next. But before she could speak, Shire Terror swiped her off balence and yelled "LEAVE NOW, OR SUFFER THE SAME FATE DARLING RAYHEART HERE IS ABOUT TO MEET!!!!" As Shire Terror was about to go for Rayhearts throat, the young Swift valiantly and stupidly decided to fly full pelt into Shire Terror's face. As Shire Terror cried out in pain from the inpact of the Swift, all claws and fury, Rayheart rised quickly onto her feet, grabbed hold of the unconcious Swift in her mouth, and ran for her life. Ivy and Icheart let Rayheart get away, as they pretended to care more about what injuries Shire Terror may have, while Dusk on the other hand ran after Rayheart, desperate for the taste of blood on her lips. Rayheart still feared she would not get awsy to tell the tale, as the trees narrowed, and Dusk was fast gaining on her. After that crazy struck of luck, Rayheart began to beleive as she ran on from Dusk that she had no hope in the world left to get away alive...

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