Just another fan (1D)

Just Another Fan is just another One Direction fanfic :D


15. You can't dance to a shitty song like this

"That was really great. But it was definitely not the best song we've heard so far", Harry said. "This round is mostly about the performance, the dance, and you hardly danced. But I think this song suited all of your voices great, I just don't think Katherine, Betty and Lexi sang with enough emotion. I still couldn't feel you, and that's not good".
"I think Harry is right. This song was very great, but I think this was more Anna's type of songs than the other 3 of you", Harry's helper said.
I was for some reason very happy. Maybe it was because Harry said great things about me. 
First they told the 3 other girls what they thought of their performance, and they told them some really great stuff, but most of it wasn't good. The lack of dance wasn't good I knew that, but I couldn't help being happy.

"Anna", Harry's helper said. "You did a really great job, and I think you have a big talent, but you know what I'm about to say right? Also, can we please talk about your clothes? Isn't it very warm to wear in such hot weather? I think you should wear something different".
"I actually think it's really great, because it shows who she is, and she's different from the others here, just like her clothes is", Harry said.
Harry was protecting me. That was so nice. I loved him. And I felt like saying it, but luckily I didn't. But overall they told us our voices was great, but we needed to dance. I was the worst dancer ever though. I tried to learn how to dance once, but I stopped because I was so terrible that I got kicked out of the team. I didn't want to dance at all, but if that was what I needed to do to win, then I would do it.

When we walked away the other girls seemed like they were very mad at me. 
"I never asked you not to dance, you know that right? You could've made a dance series if you wanted to", I said, because I knew that was what they thought.
"You can't dance to a shitty song like this. Now I'm going to go home because of you! Thank you for nothing", Lexi said, and ran away. 
​The other girls looked mad at me, and then they ran after her. How was that my mistake? Gabrielle Aplin danced to the song, so why couldn't they dance. They were some silly drama queens in my opinion, but I didn't say anything. I just went down to the beach where the other contestants was hanging out.
"Hey Anna, how did it go? Where's the rest of your group", Lukas asked. Everyone turned silent, and looked at me.
"Lexi got mad at me so she ran away and the others followed. I made a song suggestion, and they said yes, but then the judges told us that we should've danced more, and now they all think it's my fault", I said, while I was walking towards Lukas.
Everyone was looking at me and I got really uncomfortable. 
"Now continue whatever you were doing before", I said, but people kept looking.
Suddenly my whole body began to shake, and I knew a panic attack was coming up.

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