Half A Heart

*1D not famous* I watched as his hands slowly trailed down to my hands. "May I have this dance?" I didn't know much about this attractive boy; but I was in a complete trance with his eyes. "Yes." He led me to the center of dance floor as we slowly started dancing together. His voice sang along to the music in my ear,"It's like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you." We stopped for just a second, admiring each other, before his lips pressed to mine.


3. Chapter Three

Victoria's POV

"Tori, someone's at the door for you!" My mom yelled a little to loudly. Taking one final look in the mirror, I grabbed something to keep me warm and walked downstairs.


"Hey Zayn," I greeted. He looked at me and smiled. "You look beautiful—as always." My sister gave him a look and frowned.

"Your not her boyfriend. Don't talk to her like that." My eyes widened in embarrassment. "Ariana, go over there." My mom scowled angrily.

"We have to get going, bye mom!" I grabbed Zayn's hand and hurried out the door. I was so embarrassed!

Zayn opened the door for me, then walked around to the other side. After buckling myself, I apologized. "I am so sorry, she's so embarrassing—" 

The nice way of shutting me up; kissing me. "It's fine, my sisters are like that too." He warmly smiles smiles, making my insides crazy. "Now, back to driving." 


"Zayn, party of two." The waitress leads us to our table, checking out Zayn as we sat down. That made me frown, seeing other girls do that. "Anything to drink?"

She giggles, batting her eyelashes, which made her look ridiculous. "I'll have a Coke." "I'll have the same." I mumbled, just as her eyes rolled and walked away.

"What's wrong?" Zayn's hand intertwined mine. "Nothing, lets just enjoy ourselves," I assured. "Here's your drinks," she leaned down in front of Zayn's face.

"Here's your— oops!" My eyes widened, realizing that she just dropped my drink all over my skirt. "Sorry! Here's some napkins to wipe up the other mess on you."

At this point, I was furious. I stood tall and strait in front of her. "Look, stop messing with me. Stop trying to get with him." I gestured towards Zayn with hands.

"No. He can do way better than you. I mean look at me then you; I think we all know who he would choose." She snorted in my face. 

"Get away from her. I love her, and would choose her over a fake Barbie doll like you." His face was serious, before he grabbed my hand and stormed out the door to his car.

I was quiet the whole time; afraid. "You okay?" Zayn finally spoke up after that small silence there was leaving the restaurant.

"Yeah..." I swear, I sounded like a frightened mouse. He parked the car on the side of a road by a small park. 

"I want you to know; all she said was lies. You're perfect, you're beautiful. You know that right?" For a moment, all I do is look at my lap and fiddle with my fingers.

"Victoria, look at me." He lifts my head up, looking each other in the eyes. "You're beautiful, smart, funny, and you stole my heart. Don't let some fake girl tell you otherwise." 

I smiled, before our lips were attached to each others. I really like him, after all he did for me back there and now. 

"You ready for the other part of the date?" I nodded excitedly,"Super."

*Hey guys! Sorry for the short chapter, I'm going to sleep and thought I should update a chapter at least! Comment what you think! Thanks guys. c: xx

- Victoria

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