Half A Heart

*1D not famous* I watched as his hands slowly trailed down to my hands. "May I have this dance?" I didn't know much about this attractive boy; but I was in a complete trance with his eyes. "Yes." He led me to the center of dance floor as we slowly started dancing together. His voice sang along to the music in my ear,"It's like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you." We stopped for just a second, admiring each other, before his lips pressed to mine.


6. Chapter Six

Victoria's POV

They day went by pretty quickly, and now I was on my way with Zayn to his house. "How was your day?" He asked, turning the corner to his house. "Pretty good," I paused, thinking about Ashley. "Yours?" He unlocked the door, opening it wide enough for me to step through. "It was okay, but its even better now." A cheeky smile spread on his lips, making me blush, knowing he was referring to me.

Once we reached his room, I immediately felt nervous. I've never been into any boys room; other than close friends I had, like Vic and Kellin. "Zayn," someone shouts from downstairs. "I'm home." He groaned, then walked downstairs. Debating on whether or not to to follow, I just did. "But, Zayn, I told you that I would - oh, hello." She stopped when she saw me. I waved,"Hi, ice to meet you. I'm Victoria." 

She gasped and looked at Zayn. "This is her?" I looked at him, his cheeks turned pink as he nodded."She's beautiful! He has been taking about you non-stop since he took you out!" My cheeks turned hot, as I turned to look at Zayn. "Mum..." He mumbled as she kept talking talking.

After a while of talking to her and his sisters, I finally said bye to them and headed back upstairs with Zayn to his room.

"Sorry about that," he said, closing and locking the door. "It's fine, it was kinda funny too," I admitted. A grin spread on his beautifully structured face as he walked over to me, his arms wrapping around me. "Well, she was telling the truth. You are beautiful, you are just breathtaking."

I looked up at him. "I could say the same." It was true. Zayn was literally just breathtaking. His perfectly sculpted jawline, hazel eyes that are just perfection, and his hair. Oh, his hair. I loved running my fingers through it. The days he let his quiff down were amazing. He always looked amazing.

 A smile spread on his lips, before he leaned down and pressed him lips to mine. Long arms wrapped around my waist as my hands traveled to his hair, lightly tugging at the long strands. A small moan left his mouth, before we pulled apart. "Wow," he breathed, before cheekily smirking.

My heart was beating, and my palms were sweaty. I've done that before; it felt incredible. We then both laid on his bed, listening to music. "What song?" He handed me his phone."Hm..." I took it and typed the song in as it started.

Sell the kids for food

weather changes moods 

spring is here again

reproductive glands

weather changed mood

he's the one who likes all

our pretty songs

and he likes to sing along

and he likes to shoot his gun

but knows not what it means

We lay there, until the song. "Sick, you like 'em and that kind of music?" I nodded, Nirvana was the best. 

Around eight, I decided to leave. "Bye, it was nice meeting you! I really hope I get to see more of you," Trisha gushed, then winked at Zayn when they said the last part. "Thank you, it was nice meeting you too," I gave her a hug. "Bye girls," I waved to his sisters, before walking out with Zayn.

MY house wasn't that far from his, so it didn't take long to get there. "Bye," I kissed him on the cheek. But he had his own plan, turning around so I kissed his lips instead. He was so cute.

Today was  good day.

*Guys, i am so sorry for not updating! i got very busy, and wasn't able to update. but i'm back!

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