Half A Heart

*1D not famous* I watched as his hands slowly trailed down to my hands. "May I have this dance?" I didn't know much about this attractive boy; but I was in a complete trance with his eyes. "Yes." He led me to the center of dance floor as we slowly started dancing together. His voice sang along to the music in my ear,"It's like I'm waking up to only half a blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I'm walking around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you." We stopped for just a second, admiring each other, before his lips pressed to mine.


4. Chapter Four

Victoria's POV

I laughed as Zayn took my hand and led me to a beautifully decorated pathway. As we walked, I admired the flowers along the sides.They were assorted in various colors, so they went along perfectly. 

Looking where Zayn was leading me, the moon shone brightly this night. As he looked back and me, his eyes glistened. Oh how I could stare at his eyes for days. They're beautiful.

"Here we are," he smiled widely. I gasped at this amazing sight; flowers, a little lake, and the moon all together is a beautiful sight.

"Wow," was all I could manage to say. He stood there, eyes glistening, shiny hair, with a big smile across his face. "Glad you like it."

His hand held mine as we walked along the stone pathway, leading towards the small lake. This feeling inside of me was incredible, I was happy and exited all at one time. 

This is what he does to me. I hope he stays with me.... I kinda like this feeling.

Sitting down on the cold, grassy ground, he slipped his arm around me as I leaned my head against him. Taking all of this in and smiling.

"How do you like it, so far?" He asked, smiling. "It's too perfect to describe." It was true; nothing thats ever happened to me has compared to this. 

Chuckling he looked me strait in the eyes and leaned in. "I'm so glad you're having a good time." Repeating his action, I nodded and smiled.

"A lot of fun." Chuckling, he pressed his soft lips against mine. Smiling into it, my arms around his neck, his around my waist.

"Aw, how cute." A voice behind us laughed. Pulling away, Harry stood there with three others. I recognized them; Niall, Louis, and Liam. I remember meeting Liam at the party, he was sweet.

Groaning, Zayn stood up. "What are you doing here, Harry?" Chuckling and stepping towards Zayn, he spoke up. "I got some information from, lets not give them away, saying you were taking my girl out tonight." 

My eyebrows furrowed together as he looked at me when he said 'my girl'. I stepped forward,"I'm not, nor will I ever be 'your girl'." All eyes were on me, making me completely embarrassed. 

"Look," Harry chuckled, stepping towards me. "When this mess of a guy cheats, I'll be here to make you better. If not, then I was wrong. But one day you will be my girl."

I scoffed,"Yeah, right." Raising his hands up he laughed. "Just watch. Lets go, boys." Without looking back, they walked away, leaving behind a silence between Zayn and I.

"You okay?" Zayn asked as he put his arms around my waist. I nodded, but stayed quiet. We then started walking towards the car, entering and driving.

 There was a long silence between us, until he spoke up. "I'm sorry he ruined it. If you believe what he says, then–"

"No," I interrupted. "I don't believe him. But, I enjoyed the date and that's the only thing that matters… and that I have you."

Smiling, he parked the car then leaned over and pressed him lips to mine. That feeling I had earlier started to appear again, as it did earlier.

 Nothing could too this; it's just to magical to believe. I'm just surprised Zayn malik actually likes me.

 Out of any other pretty, talented, sweet girls he chose me, the most awkwardest, unattractive person ever.

 Finally snapping back to reality and pulling away, we both got out of the car. Zayn walked me to my door and have me one final kiss.

"Thank you so much, Zayn. Tonight was incredible." He smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

"Good. This was amazing, I'm happy the girl I love is actually with me today. Don't forget; you're my one and only. I love you, and only you."

Slightly blushing and smiling, I thanked him. Right before my sister opened the door. "I've been listening this whole time. You're nice but I still don't like you." 

Oh god, can she embarrass me anymore? "Get inside," I scowled and apologized to Zayn. "Thank you, again. I'll see you tomorrow." Zayn kissed me and smiled, then walked to his car and drove off. 

I pressed my back against the door and looked up. Today was magical, I'm so happy that I met him. He's such a nice guy. A smile appeared on my lips as I keep thinking about it.

The sparks haven't gone away. 

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