The Quell

I wrote a Movella called 'The dent on my conscience' which is about The Hunger Games. Now Catching Fire has come out so I have decided to write Finnick's version of Catching Fire.

"They pay with their secrets."


4. Uneventful journey


I keep a straight face and fight the guards until I walk by myself. There seems to be a look of annoyance on their faces but they don't try to trap me again. Maybe they don't want to upset a Capitol person. They may be scared to mess with me. I stand by the door, act happy that I'm here, wink at a few unsuspecting people and cameras and run and hide on the train. I am not happy one bit. I brush past the array of food and into my allocated room, or I hope its my room and dive onto the bed. You must not cry Finnick Odair. You must not cry. I don't cry. I feel empty and sick, like everything had been torn out of me except my heart and brain, somehow I am still alive. Still breathing. Still Finnick. 

I don't move. I didn't know it was humanly possible to stay so still for so long, my legs ache. I would have happily lay there forever until they drag me off the train and into the arena and throw weapons at me so I fight.  However, my stomach burns with acid and I'm not sure how long I can stay starving for. I might as well eat something. I haul myself up and look round the rooms slightly confused, I spot the door and turn the gold, carved handle. 

The corridor seems slightly too welcoming. There are candles which are covered with patterned, glass cases (probably so we don't try to burn ourselves.) I make my way through the plush lounge and into the Dining Cart, inside a massive array of food is prepared and Mags gives me a welcoming smile.  I take a seat in between Mags and the Capitol lady and dig in. The chairs seem to engulf you and and the back of the chairs (which I thought were solid wood) seemed to fit the shape of your back; no wonder Mags looked so comfortable. Once all the food on my plate was eaten I consider whether to get more food. No. I can't think about that. Who is going to wake Annie up? Who is going to make sure she eats something? I guess some District mothers might, she is a Victor, she should get some help. 

I decide against the seconds, considering I have to look my 'best' and head to my bedroom. Just as I'm about to get undressed to get in the shower there is a knock at the door. I sigh. Either its Mags who will be seeing if I'm ok or that freaked Capitol lady, there is only one was to find out. I glance in the mirror and compose myself- it took a second to realize that I was crying. I leave the bathroom steadily and pass the wardrobe, before grabbing a jumper which I slip on. I skip slightly loudly so they know I'm coming to the door and twist the door nob. Its Mags. I let her in. We both sit on the best and that's when I finally say, "How did we get into this mess Mags?"  She reply's with a smile and hugs me. I hug her back. There is something about Mags which everyone loves, its like Katniss Everdeen's sister, half the Capitol talk about her. They have posters of her too, which is a bit weird because she is twelve. A lot of the attention won't be on Mags this year, she is old and we both know too well she won't live. Its just a matter of time. No one will target her. They know she will die of something. 


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