The Quell

I wrote a Movella called 'The dent on my conscience' which is about The Hunger Games. Now Catching Fire has come out so I have decided to write Finnick's version of Catching Fire.

"They pay with their secrets."


3. Reaping


That night wasn't the best. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I once again get out of bed sleepily and shower, today is equally warm already, it is five in the morning. I was never scared of the games, if I was reaped, the chances are I won't be, the Capitol wouldn't want my face to get ruined. They would probably use my sponsors for 'cosmetic' things. 

I'm just dressed from being in the shower when there is a quiet knock on the door. Its Mags. I answer the door and smile nervously. Mags and Annie, the two most important people I have ever met. Mags is literally like a parent to me and Annie is so important. 

Mags comes in with her fishhook and rod in one hand and some clams and fish in the other. Her withered hands are slightly damp. Despite the weather being warm, I rush into the kitchen and grab a brightly coloured towel, I don't want her hands to be chapped. Somehow, even though we are not related, she always treated me like her child. 

She smiled up at me and moved my hands out the way. She made her way to the kitchen and started preparing food. Mags is set in her ways so I leave her to it and walk back up the stairs. He chances are Mags won't get reaped, of she did someone would volunteer straight away. However, for Annie, the circumstances would be different, people know she is different but she is young and half our Victors are too old to compete. Although she is strong and clever, she wouldn't survive, someone would hurt her...

When I reach the bedroom she is already awake and dressed. She smiles a small smile and carries on getting ready. People would think its like a ball game but its not, its our way. Annie was the kind of person all the boys swarmed round before the games, I guess I was the same with the girls. Although, we didn't fall for each other by looks, only by personality. 

I lie on the bed and close my eyes feeling suddenly tired. I know if I go to sleep I will never get up again so I force myself up and lean against the headboard. After about half an hour we hear pots banging together; this means we have to come down. We both almost automatically get up, I link Annie's arm and walk down the soft, carpeted stairs. The aroma of cooked fish hits me immediately. Its smells so good. Mags has prepared smoked fish with a clam and herb sauce, an egg and some seaweed on the side. The minute I get into the kitchen I dive into the meal, Mags really is the best cook I have ever met. 

Its way better than any Capitol food, it reminds me of home. The Capitol doesn't serve much sea food, they prefer meat and birds. On the Victory Tour we got fish once and it was a fish soup, I tried it only because it had fish in. However, I think it may have been clam and vegetables. 

Its nearing the time of The Reaping so I dress in 'appropriate' clothes, or clothes which the Capitol will want to see me in, so does Annie. We make our way to the square, closely followed by Mags. I see young girls looking, I give mt usual 'half smile' and carry on, making a point of holding Annie's hand.


We enter the stage and stand in rows, tall, attractive and young Victors at the front and the 'less liked' Victors at the back. There is complete silence, the whole District is here. Waiting to see which of their favorite Victors will be thrown back into the arena. The capitol lady totters on, leaving a smell of perfume, but even that doesn't mask the smell of bleach, what kind of thing is she wearing now? I give a smirk. I have to pretend Annie is nothing to me when the cameras start rolling. I have to smile down the camera, wink and narrow my eyes, the thick, brainless capitol citizens will think its directed at them. I straighten my back a bit and tense my toned body, President Snow needs to notice this, he said if I don't do what he says pain will be inflicted on my loved ones. 

The cameras roll and everywhere I look there is a red button flashing. I stretch just as the camera passes, I'm tired of this. Somehow, it is in my nature to be slightly big headed but somehow recently this has been forced. The 'introduction' goes on for ages, why can't they pick the names quickly? Its not like they are going to be able to pick more than two people. 

The lady goes over to the female reaping bowl. I tense. "Ladies first!" She bellows in a posh, well said voice. "How exciting! Lets see if this person could be the next Victor!" He shoves her thin, pale hands in and goes right to the bottom of the bowl. I look to Annie and give a reassuring, flirtatious smile, this cheers her up and the cameras might be there. "This years brave female tribute is... Annie Cresta!"  My heart sinks. Everything breaks. No. I look to her, the panic on her face is visible.

Before I can make a move I see Mags. Stepping forward. Volunteering. I put my face in my hands and can hear Mags' almost silent footsteps padding over to the microphone. "How do you feel?" Says the lady questioningly. Mags doesn't reply. I look to Annie. All I see on her face is horror, tears are streaming down her face and I'm sure any minute she will break down. I feel the desperate urge to hug her until everything is over. I can't. Its too dangerous. 


"Now the boys!" I jump out my skin. Before quickly containing myself and coolly scratching the back of my head and wiping away a streak of sweat. This time she looks away. At me. I know what she is getting at, she wants to spend this night with me, I smile and narrow my eyes before she pulls the name out. "Finnick Odair!" I sigh. Everyone gasps. I hear a few young girls scream. I immediately prance over, holding my arms up like I had just volunteered. Its seems strange that I was that fourteen year old just ten years ago. I strut to the microphone and say a few words about honorary and  how happy I am. I automatically make my way to the hall where we say goodbye, where I finally get to comfort Annie when two tall, assertive peacekeepers come from the shadows of a large, velvet curtain and take me and Mags to the station.  

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