Nerd love

When Emma moves to a new school and meets the biggest nerd there will she take his place or will she fall hard for someone she thought she knew? Will Marcel let Emma take his place as the biggest nerd and change so she will like him as more than a friend? Read to find out


3. The nerd

Emma's Pov

 I quickly hurried to the office to pick my schuedule. Everyone's eyes seem to follow me, like daggers in the back of my head. 

"Excuse me?"

"Yes, how can I help you?" The old lady across the registration table asked me. She looked she was in her mid sixties. 

"I'm new here. Im Emma Landston."

"Oh yes, here you go my dear. Welcome to LakeWood High." Her warm smile put me at ease knowing I was safe from bullies for now. Maybe they won't notice me. 

I looked at my schuedule to head to first period, I had AP chemistry 2 with Mr.Baker. The rest of my schuedule was simialer all AP classes. 

I walked in 5 minutes early to see that cute nerd looking guy again.

"Hey, I'm Emma. Is any one sitting here?" He looked up, seemed suprised possibly scared. Was he bullied too?

"No, and I'm Harry. But don't let anyone see you with me, they'll hurt you like they do me."

"Don't worry, they'll hurt me no matter what." I gave him a reassuring smile.

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