Nerd love

When Emma moves to a new school and meets the biggest nerd there will she take his place or will she fall hard for someone she thought she knew? Will Marcel let Emma take his place as the biggest nerd and change so she will like him as more than a friend? Read to find out


4. Bullies Attack

Emma's Pov

So far in all my classes, that Harry kid was there. Was he the nerd of the school? Even if he was, he won't be for long. Ever since I was 12, when I moved to a new school, I became the nerd of the school. I don't know where I got my smarts but I'm grateful for them. 

It was already lunch time and not a single person has asked about my schedule which I'm glad for that!! I sat alone at a round table, which didn't really bug me but Harry wouldn't stop staring at me, Did he like me? 

That's impossible. He barely knew me, and even if he did, he would be insane I mean I'm not that great. I didn't really good today anyway. I'll just go home, I don't think my mother would mind since even if I miss a week of school, I could come right back and make perfect A+'s and the assignments I missed would be finished before 10.

I walked to my car to see a couple cheerleaders standing there. God not this again



Hey lovelies. Happy Valentines Day!!! I would do a better update tomorrow I promise!!

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