I'm So Done


3. The Party

I noticed that he has a thick British accent. “You're not from here.” I said. “No, I'm English.” Oh my God! I can’t believe I didn’t realise he was English. “My name’s Harry,” he extended his hand. “I would hug you but I'm kind if sweating.” This made me smile. I took his hand and shook it. “I'm Delilah.” He smiled, “Like the Plain White T’s song?”

A small chuckle escaped my mouth. “Yes, like the song.” He nodded. “Well shall we continue with the jog love?” His voice was mesmerising, I can’t believe I hadn’t recognised the accent before. “Let’s go,” and we were on our way again. I was in desperate need of a shower when I got home. I washed my hair in the shower so I had to blow dry it before heading into bed. I had forgotten that I didn’t have dinner but my stomach hadn’t.

I woke in the middle of the night, my bedside clock told me it was just after midnight. I found my brother lying on the kitchen island as I entered. My heart broke a little; I was starting to think there was more to my brother’s drinking. It wasn’t just for fun anymore. I walked to him and shook him gently; I didn’t want my mom or dad to find him. “Get up Trenton,” I said as I shook him. “Where am I?” asked my brother as he raised his head. As he turned to me he revealed a bruise on his right eye. “Come. I’ll take you to your room.”

The walk to Trenton’s room was more than I had anticipated. He kept reassuring me that he was fine and that the bruise shouldn’t worry me. I placed him on his bed and as soon as his head hit his pillow he was out. I removed his shoes and quietly exited his room. I made me something quickly before going into my bedroom. I was sitting on the windowpane when I spotted a car across our street and someone was leaning against it. I couldn’t make out who it was, the person got into their car and drove off... strange right?

The day of the party finally came, Danielle had invited us over to go get ready at her house and have pre party drinks before heading off. I wore my white slightly oversized blouse, black leather leggings and black studded platform. I wore red lipstick and had dark smoky eyes. I let my long brown hair down. We took some pictures and headed out for the party. It was 22:30 when we got out of the house; the party had started about an hour ago.

You could hear the music from a mile away and I kind of felt a bit sorry for the Chad’s neighbours. There were half naked teenagers running up and down the street and some were even dancing on the roof. We couldn’t find a place to park the car near the house so we parked it a few houses away. We talked and giggled as we made our way toward the house. Perrie was becoming more and more nervous as we got closer to the house. “Relax Perrie,” I reassured her. “You’ll be fine.” She squeezed my hand a little. “Thank you,” she said leaning closer to me.

Sweaty teenage bodies greeted as we entered into the house. The music was pumping and there were red cups flying everywhere. Perrie quickly spotted Chad and excused herself from the rest of the group and Danielle went to her boyfriend Justin. “Well,” shouted Eleanor over the music. “Want something to drink.” I looked at her and we both burst into laughter. “Sure, I’ll meet you outside.”

We were approached by some guys before Eleanor could leave. “Hey!” said one as he leaned closer to me. “Dance with me.” Eleanor was already moving with the other guy when I turned to her. “Sure!” Calvin Harris’s I need your love was playing. We danced to about four songs before Eleanor and I were worn out. “Ready to outside.” The guys came with us. We sat by the pool, the guys’s names were Ethan and Aiden. They were twins, we drank some “punch” and before I knew it, I was feeling light headed. “Could you guys please excuse me,” I said as I stood up. “Are you okay?” asked Eleanor. “Yeah, I just need the little girl’s room.”

I peed and reapplied my base in the bathroom; my eyes were looking a bit red from all the alcohol. I sighed deeply, I was totally going to pay for this the next morning. When I finally felt I looked decent I walked to the door. I hit someone as I swung the door open. “Fuck!” cried the person. “I am so sorry!” I said as I exited the bathroom. “Harry?” I asked shocked. “Delilah, hi.” He smiled at me.

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