Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


4. Sleepover and Zayn can't stop it

I came down, expecting for the worst. 'Can you not it ask us what we found about it?' He said. 'You want visit of Chloe so you have what you want.' I said and rolled my eyes. 'Your attitude is horrible. I think I should say to Eleanor that you can't go with her to the shopping center. Or don't give your pocket money. Asking is not expensive I think? It's good for now, but don't make me mad again.' He said and I rolled my eyes. 'Don't roll with your eyes when I speak to you.' He said. 'Now you have what you want. I listened so I can go now, bye dad!' I said and ran upstairs. 'Laura Alicia Rose Malik!' He said. 'Yes that's my name , but I go further with Chloe!' I said when I looked downstairs and went to my room.

'Problems?' Chloe asked. 'A little bit but you can stay here. He accepted it once without permission of him. I should 'ask' it him he said. He irritates me all the time. Always commentary about everything... He doesn't want to give my pocket money if I will do that twice or if my attitude is horrible as always...' I said. 'What a dad... I'm happy with mine. He doesn't say anything like that.' She said. We made homework together and after a while Zayn shouted 'Dinner time!'. We ran downstairs and sat down on the table. 

'Have a nice meal, girls.' Perrie said and we ate. It was delicious like always when Perrie made the dinner. 'Had a good day today?' Perrie asked. 'Yeah, mom. I have an awsome class.' 'Who's in your class?' Zayn asked, he is interested. 'Destiny, Chloe of course. Emmett..' I want to speak further but Zayn interrupted me. 'Emmett? Really?' He rolled his eyes. 'Don't roll with your eyes, dad!' I said. 'You forbid me to do that.' 'I do what I want, you have to listen, lady.' He said arrogant. 

'Don't make an argument.' Perrie said. 'Not again. I'm not making an argument. It's dad! Now it's Emmetts fault and the other day mine. I'm so over it. Now Chloe is here and you did the same as always...' I said and I was furious. 'Sorry Chloe for seeing it.' Perrie said. 'It doesn't matter. It can be more worse than this.' Chloe said. I ate and when my dish was empty I ran with Chloe upstairs.

'What a dad! He is so stupid.' I said. 'I understand. What is his problem with Emmett?' Chloe asked. 'He think Emmett's a bad boy. But I don't care. He was also a bad boy before mom. I know it for sure!' I said. 'How do you know that?' 'Uncles and aunts. Mom followed her heart and went with dad. So... if she can do it I can do it!' I said. 'Your dad won't believe you. He hates Emmett. And what are you gonna say for tomorrow?' Chloe asked. 

'I say that I go to you that we've groupwork for school.' I said. 'You will get in problems with that.' Chloe said. 'If it comes to that I will say what I think.' I said and Chloe rolled with her eyes. 'Not a good idea.' She said. I sighted. I took my laptop and started it up. We made fun and surfed on the internet, made some crazy pictures,... At 9 o'clock we put our pyjamas on. We turned the laptop off and sat on our beds. We talked about everything. 'I saw that Toby talked to you?'  'Yeah, he's nice.' 'Chloe! He's so arrogant!' 'No, not to me. I mean, he was asking me some questions. He likes me I think.' 'Noo! I don't want him in our group.' 'Laura, don't be so mean.' I rolled my eyes. 'I'm not mean. It's just like that day he was so mean to me.' 'It's 12 years ago, come on. He can be changed.' She said. 'I hope you're right.' I said and someone knocked on my door.

'It's time to sleep girls. Have a good night. Love you, Laura.' Zayn said. 'Love you dad.' I said. He was a little bit normal, finally!

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