Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


35. Forgive my dad? Alex I love you.

I've decided to end this book after 2 or 3 chapters. I'm very sorry! 


I woke up with moms arm around me. 'Sorry I have to go now mom. Dad will come and I don't wanna see him plus I have to take care of Ella.' I said and put her heavy arm on her bed. I walked out her room. I saw someone walking to my way. Oh no, dad. I ignored him but he grabbed my hand. 'Laura?' He asked. I don't wanna answer. 

'I don't wanna hear you anymore.' I said mad to him. 'Let me go! Mom will never accept your slap in my face.' I added. He grabbed my both arms. 'Listen Laura, I didn't had to do that. I was dumb... I was desperate. Nobody touches my daughter. It's just Alex broke your heart plus his ex put me in jail.' Dad said. I was silent. 

'It doesn't mean he does this again?! It was his ex come on! He couldn't do nothing about it. He even didn't know it before!' I said mad. 'Laura, please, forgive me for the slap.. I want you and Ella back.' He begged. 'Bye dad!' I said and pushed him away from me. That works, finally! I ran out the hospital and went to Nialls place. While walking, I cried. I thought about everything. 

I knocked on Nialls door. Hannah opened the door. I cried in her arms. She pulled me inside. 'Poor girl.' She said and stroked my hair. Normally I hate her but now she was my only shoulder to cry on. 'It's okay to cry.' She said. 'I saw my dad again...' I said.

'Niall isn't here but I will call him so you can talk to him so he can say what he has to say to your dad.' Hannah said and brought me to the living room. She called Niall. I could hear her saying 'Honey,...' and other cute names for her boyfriend. 

I was jealous and called Alex.

A - Laura?

L - Hi Alex. I miss you. I've just seen my dad. I have an argument with him. Things has happened. Don't worry, I'm safe. You don't have to look for me. 

A - Laura, say to me where you are or sleep here in my house.

L - I'm safe, and no it is too expected... 

A - It doesn't matter. I will protect you with my life.

L - Alex! *sighs*

A - Okay, okay. I understand you but when can I see you again?

L - I'll send you a message when I can. Love you!

A - Love you too! 

I ended the call. Niall came home. 'What's the matter?' He asked and sat next to me. He put his hand on my lap. His face turned to my face and his legs a little bit too. 

'I woke up, I fell asleep last night at the room of my mom...' I said and swallowed. 'Yeah.' He said and looked to me to see if I was okay. 'I said her goodbye and wanted to go outside, but dad was there. I ignored him but he grabbed my arm. He was saying he was dumb and nobody touches his daughter and doing bad on Alex... He didn't listened to me, only forgive me, and please. Not more. He won't listen to the truth... He's too stubborn.' I said. 'I know your dad and I know you're right. I have the idea to talk to you together. Just you 2 and me.' Niall proposed. I shook my head. 'No , Niall, noo!' I said scared. He held my head and stroked my hair. 'You have to do it. For your mom and for Ella. She has the right to see her mom and dad.' Niall said. He's right but it's too early. 

'I know but it's just too early.' I said crying. 'Can I invite Alex?' I asked Niall. 'It's a yes from me but you have to ask it to Hannah too!' Niall said. I ran to Hannah and I could invite Alexander. I called Alex and he came to Nialls house.

Alex spun me around. 'My beautiful girl.' He said and kissed me. I smiled and looked in his eyes. 'I missed you.' He said and wrapped his arms around me. 'Perfect couple.' I heard a voice. I looked around. It was Niall. I laughed and looked back at Alex. I love Niall too but he's older then me, much older and he has Hannah. 

I hid my face in Alex chest. 'I'm gonna look for my mom this week. And I'm gonna take care of Ella.' I said to him. 'When do you have time for me than?' He asked me and grabbed my chin. He looked in my eyes and made me doubting about everything. 'I'm gonna have time for you too. I've time for you now.' I said laughing. 

'Yeah, until Ella cries?' Alex said annoyed. 'Come on Alex. She's my little sister and godchild. You can't forbid it me.' I said. 'I know, I don't wanna share you.' He said. 'I know and you don't have to share me only with my family and friends.' I said and kissed his nose. 

I tickled him so he laughed again. I don't wanna see him sad. 'You're gonna regret that Malik!' He said and I ran away when he said that. He followed me around the house. But before I could go up Niall stopped me. He held me. 'Is this yours?' Niall asked Alex to tease me. Alex nodded and then Niall pushed me in Alex arms. Alex picked me up and gave me several kisses. 

'Alex.' I giggled. He spun me around and we went to the couch. I put my legs on his lap. 'When do you come back to your house?' 'Why? I will come back to my house when my dad realises he was wrong. And it will last a long time.' I said and Alex sighted. 'You're so far away now.' He whined. 'Be happy that I can live here in London if it wasn't, I would go to granny and granddad Edwards in South Shields. That's more far away from you.' I said. 'Don't say that ever again!' Alex said and grabbed my back so I sat on his lap. 

'I hope you come back soon to your own home. I won't be able to live next to you anymore because my mom wants to go to Ireland again. But I don't wanna go. She proposed me to rent an flat. So I'm gonna try to rent a flat here in London.' Alex said. 'So you're gonna stay in London if you can afford it?' He nodded. 

'So my question is, if I found a flat will you move in with me?' He asked and looked serious. I didn't know what to say. 'I'm speechless Alex. I don't know. Maybe I'm not ready for that step. We're just together plus I don't know you so good.' I said hesitating. 'Come on, we're perfect for each other.' He said and touched my chin so he could kiss me when he brought my chin to his face. 

'Is it really worth it? We have school, need some food, don't have any work at all.' I said and sighted. 'We can make it work, only you and me.  Only us.' He said convincing me and smiled. 'Can I think a while about it? So I can talk to other so I can figure it out.'I asked and he nodded. I laid my head on his chest. 'You're tired?' He asked. All I could do was nodding and snuggled into his chest. His warmth felt so good. He gave me kisses on my hair. 'I love you.' he whispered in my hair. The only thing I could do was smiling.

Niall walked into the living room and saw us. I asked him for advice. 'If I was you, I should stay here until your father gives your permission plus you are too young for it.' Niall said and sat down, laid down his hand on mine.

'You can stay here until you and your dad don't have a discussion anymore.' He assured me. I nodded and looked at Alex who was disappointed... He got a message now. His mother wanted him home so he said goodbye to me and kissed me passionately. I plopped into the couch when he was away. 

I sighted and then Niall sat next to me. He grabbed my head and laid my head on his shoulder and brushed my hair. I was crying. 'It will be alright. Your mum will be awake and your dad will change!' He assured me. 

'No he won't... I wish I had you as a father...' I said and sighted. 'Crazy girl. Your dad deserves you more because you are a princess!' Niall said. 

Niall and I talked about Alex, my dad and my mom. We had a good conversation. Hannah made dinner and sometimes I took care of Ella. At late night I decided to go to bed. 

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