Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


25. Find out?

I woke up. Niall slept and had his arms around me. I tried to get away from his arms. He woke up. 'Sorry I thought you slept further when I stood up.' I said. 'Doesn't matter. I slept very bad.' He said. 'I slept a little bit...' I said. 'I saw it.' He said. 'Thanks to rock me asleep and stand by my side.' I said. He nodded. 'You're welcome. You're family and your dad will be mad if I don't stand by your side.' He said. I went to the bathroom, took a shower, did my hair and put my clothes on. I had my uggs in my luggage. After my dressing minutes, Niall went to the bathroom. I was looking at my phone. Missed calls: Alexander... 

I called him. 'What do you want? I'm in America. Trying to save my dad. He cares of me.' I was still mad... Of course. 'Listen, Laura. I think I can help you...' 'With what? Ruining my life? No thanks.' 'Come on, Laura. I couldn't believe that my ex stood there and asked me to break up with you.' 'Well that's true but I can't understand that you break up with me because of her!' 'Sorry, sorry. But Listen, I think I know the woman who lodged a complaint against your dad.' I was interested. 'Tell me.' 'Well I heard my ex calling her niece from New York and she said something like 'Laura deserves this like her dad and mom... Alexander's mine.' I interrupted him. 'What?' 'What I said I think my ex did this on you. Sorry , Laura. I'm really sorry...' I heard Alexander sighting... 'Thanks for the hint...' I said and closed the call.

I ran into the bathroom. 'Oh, sorry Uncle Niall. I have news!' I said and went away back to the bedroom because Niall was naked.. He made himself ready. He came to the bedroom. 'Tell me.' He said and sat on the edge of the bed. 'I know the woman. She's a niece of the ex of Alexander, my ex and the boy next door of me.' I said and swallowed. 'How did you know that?' Niall said and looked to me. 'Alexander called. I was still mad but I let him speak because he said he knows something about that... He heard his ex talking to her niece on the phone and said something about my dad and me. ' I started to cry. 'I'm going to the officer, stay here.' I said to Niall. I ran to the police department and spoke to the police officer. 'The complaint about Zayn Malik is totally false. It's a niece from a ex of my ex who wants to take revenge on me!' I said to the police officer. 

'Are you sure?' The officer asked. 'Yes, bring her to me, grab her phone, listen to her calls... See her messages!' I said. 'Keep calm, girl. I'll do that. I'll let you know when I've news.' The officer said. 'Can I speak Zayn Malik please?' I asked and looked at the officer. 'Of course. Follow me.' He said and bring me to an empty room with two chairs and a table. 'Wait here, we'll bring him.' The officer said. I sat down and looked around. The officer closed the door. After a few minutes I heard footsteps coming closer to the door. The door opened and I looked at the door. I saw Zayn, my dad. Maybe I should call him dad instead of Zayn the whole time. I hugged him tightly when I saw him. He smiled and stroked my hair. 'Laura.' He said. 'I know who did this to you...' I said and cried. 'Don't cry, my little girl.' He said and his arms held my back. 'It was an ex of my ex. My ex is the boy next door, Alexander. Thanks to him, we know it. The officer will search this out...' I said. 'I hope you're true about that. ' He said. I hid my face in his chest. 'You will always be my daughter. I don't let you go. Sorry that I wasn't there when you needed me. Or sorry that I was always mad at you.' He said. 'It doesn't matter anymore that. The important thing is now that you will be free...' I said.

Since my 12 year living with Zayn, I call him dad in my eyes. I say always dad to him but now in my heart I will call him dad. I don't care if he isn't my biological dad. After a minute of 3, I have to go. I waved at my dad and went to the hotel back. Niall was sitting in the hotel. 

'The officer will search it out for us.' I said to Niall. But he was on the phone with Hannah. I like Hannah but she's too worried...I waited for an answer of the police officer. I called mom with good news. She was happy.  Today we haven't had some news. Niall and I eat some Nando's, watched some TV and went to bed.

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