Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


22. Fight between Alexander and Emmett

Sorry that I haven't updated yet. I had a lot of work with my exams plus I have now 4 movellas: this, Family Horan, Harry Lux' new father and Is it Harry or Marcel? and also last time with my exams I haven't a lot inspiration. I want to give you good chapter so that the reason also why I didn't update for a while.


I was happy when I stood up. Alexander's mine! Only mine! I played with my hair and went to the bathroom. I put beautiful clothes on, did my make up and my hair. I was ready to go. I grabbed my backpack, ate something, kissed my mom and went away. When I was outside, I saw my boy. 'Hi Beautiful.' He said and kissed me. 'Why do you wait here?' I asked. 'Because I wanted to surprise you.' He said and held my hand. We walked to school. 

When we arrived I saw Emmett. He came to us. 'How did you dare to take my girlfriend?' He said to Alexander. I rolled my eyes and interrupted Emmett. 'First of all I'm not your girlfriend anymore since a few days so shut up. And second it's not your business. ' 'Of course it is my business. I need you, Laura. I need you.' 'And I don't need you Emmett. I have Alexander and he's better then you.' 'Let me prove it that I'm better then that jerk.' Emmett said and points at Alexander. they started to fight. 'Don't fight!' I shouted. 'I will fight for you!' Emmett screamed and he hit Alexander. Alexander hit him back. I was shocked and ran away. I saw them caught by a teacher. They had to go to detention... 

I can't believe it... They fought for me. I don't want boys who fights for me, literally. I want a boy where I can feel myself... being myself. I went to my class when the bell rang. I sat alone. But then Emmett and Alexander came in. They wanted to sit next to me... They fought again about it. 'I sit alone so go away both! I don't wanna speak with you too...' I said angry. My heart felt like a stone... I listened to the teacher and tried to concentrate but it wasn't so easy... Emmett and Alexander were looking at me... I felt their eyes in my back. 

Lunch was just like this morning always fighting just to prove them for me... I hate it and when I said that they don't have to argue they argued harder. Why do they like me? Am I so beautiful ? Am I something that they can use or that they have to have for a challenge? I'm desperate. 'She's mine now so go away!' Alexander shouted to Emmett. 'No she's not yours. She's mine. She will be mine. You're not her type plus you don't treat her right.' Emmett answered. 'Guys stop! Please! Emmett you aren't my boyfriend. And you won't be it. Alexander is my boyfriend but if you're stay arguing I go away and you both can look for a best friend or an another girlfriend.' I said angry. 'Sorry babe.' Alexander said. I crossed my arms. 'You have to say sorry to Emmett too! And Emmett have to say it to you.' 'I don't say it to that jerk.' Alexander said stubborn... 'Come on, babe. Please do it for me.' I begged him. 'I don't wanna say sorry to your jerk boyfriend too.' Emmett said and looked at me. 'Boys, if you don't say it to each other you loose me.' I said. 

'Okay, okay. Just because I don't wanna lose you. Sorry Emmett.' Alexander said quickly but he didn't mean it. I saw it in his eyes. 'And you; Emmett?' I asked and saw that he was stubborn. 'I don't say sorry to losers.' He said. Alexander was mad but tried to keep calm for me. I ignored Emmett. He can't deserve a second chance or the hundred chances I gave him...

I gave Alexander a chance again. I held his hand when we went to our class. He sat next to me. We were happy together. Maybe was Emmett jealous but it was his problem not mine anymore because Alexander isn't fighting with him anymore. I know for sure that Emmett will stalk again and do more... 

I'm a little bit scared but I don't see it in my eyes or my face. I'm a strong girl.. I hope. I thought about songs and quotes. I hoped this will be over soon all the problems and the hate things... After school I walked home with my Alexander. I liked it and he went in when we were at my house. We made our homework together. It was nice. We talked after that. He ate dinner in our house. Perrie likes him a lot. I hope Zayn will like him... He doesn't know it of Alexander and me. Perrie said that I have to tell it him. I will tell it him when he's back in London. 

At 9 pm he had to go. We had to go to bed and his mother wanted to see him. She had to tell him something. I'm curious about that. I decided to put my pyjamas on and went to bed. I dreamed about Alexander, Perrie and Zayn. My dearest family and boyfriend. I miss Jacob... He don't come so much anymore... Maybe I should call him tomorrow?

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