Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


37. Epilogue 1

* 5 years later *

I'm 22 years now. Time passed by. Alex and I are 5 years a couple now. Since past year I moved in with Alex into a cosy flat. We have it like we want it. So past year, I left hotel 'mama'. Ella has two rooms for her alone. 

She's now 5 years old and learned a lot. Dad learned how Alex is. Alex is my perfect boyfriend. I've met Alex' family and they are really positive. Celebrated Christmas with my mom and dad and with Alex' parents. Today we will going to my parents, and the boys of One Direction. Well, the band ended but they never stopped making music or fun. Jason was born and Ella so they decided to broke up. Eleanor gave Louis a son, Tommy Tomlinson. He's 4 now. Harry got Jade together and they have a daughter, Sarah. She's 2 years old now. Now everyone got a child. Liam and Danielle were together after a few years. Five years ago Kate and Liam broke up. Danielle and Liam have a 4 years old boy Matt and a 2 years old girl Hailey. 

Today we had a get together at my mom & dad's house. I woke up, Alex smiled. 'Goodmorning beautiful.' He said. I laughed. 'Goodmorning handsome.' I said and tickled him. He grabbed me in his arms tight. 'Pay attention. Baby inside!' I said and laughed while pointing at my stomach. Oh, I forgot to say, I'm 4,5 months pregnant. 

We would like to have children but didn't expect it at the time I discovered my pregnancy. He looked at me and kissed my stomach. He whispered to the baby. 'Don't give your mother so much pain.' I giggled. 'I think we should make us ready for this afternoon.' I said to Alex and gave him a kiss. 'Shall we shower together?' He asked mischievous. I nodded and went to my closet. I grabbed a loose dress with a belt. I'm not so fat, I think it will be a small baby.

I put my clothes on a chair in our bathroom. Alex let the water running. We took a shower together. After our shower, I put my dress on. We made some breakfast. Dad said we should eat lunch at his house. We ate our breakfast and then I put my shoes on and went to the bathroom. I did my make up and grabbed my earrings and necklace. I put them on and then I went to the living room and sat down next to Alex. He watched TV. He gave me a kiss. I found it boring so I decided to go to our babyroom.  We have it decorated. 

I sat on the rocking chair and looked at my belly. 'Little monster, you're gonna be very welcome in this family.' I said and laughed. I stroked my belly with my hands. I said always little monster to my little baby. Then Alex went into the room and kissed my temple. 'I can't wait for the baby!' I said. He nodded.

He helped me standing up and we grabbed our coat and I grabbed my purse. He drove with our car to my parents house. 

When we arrived, Ella ran to me when she saw us behind the window. 'Laura! Laura! Laura!' She said and hugged me. I picked her up. 'Little princess! You're a big girl now. You're going to be heavy for your big sister!' I said and laughed. I walked with Ella in my hands inside. Alex had a bag of us with him. My mom smiled and kissed me on my cheek. 'How's it with the baby?' She whispered. Of course, mom and dad knows it about the baby. Only the rest of the boys of One Direction didn't know it and they will know it now. 

'Everything's alright. It's started kicking.' I said enthusiastic and my mom went with her hand to my stomach when we were inside. My dad gave Alex a beer can. They were drinking some beer. I put Ella down and she ran to her dolls. Mom and I sat down on the couch and started talking. 'You're gonna say it today to everyone?' My mom asked and I nodded. Dad came to me and hugged me. After our hug he gave me a kiss on my cheek. I could feel his beer 'breath'. Alex and dad had a bear scent. 

The doorbell rang. Mom opened the door. Niall, Jason and Hannah came in. Niall put Jason down and Jason ran to me. I put him on my lap. 'Jason! What a big boy are you? Are you going to be a big boy like your dad?' I asked him childish. He nodded. 'But I'm not doing like daddy moaning mommies name.' He said. Niall blushed and we all laughed. 

Jason ran to Ella and started to play. Then the doorbell rang again. Harry, Jade, Sarah, Eleanor, Louis and Tommy arrived. Sarah and Tommy ran to me. I hugged them. The little kids are so close to me. 'What are you two soo big!' I said. Tommy laughed and Sarah giggled. She had two ponytails in her hair. 

Tommy and Sarah started to play together and Eleanor and Louis kissed my cheek. Then Jade and Harry followed. Sometimes it's so weird that two girls of Little mix have  two boys of One Direction. 

Liam, Danielle and their kids arrived too. After the kids ran to me and greeted me. Danielle and Liam came to me. I looked around everyone was there. Only Alex and dad not. 'Where's dad and Alex?' I asked mom. 'I don't know.' She said. I whispered to her. 'Can I say it without them?' She nodded.

'I have big news.' I said and everyone looked at me when I shouted a little bit. 'I got everyones attention I hope?' I said and they nodded. 'I'm pregnant. 4,5 months.' I said and the girls came to me and hugged me. Eleanor was the most enthusiastic one. Jade too. After the girls, the boys hugged me and wished me luck and congratulations. Then Ella, Tommy, Sarah, Hailey, Jason and Matt came to me. 'Baby in belly?' They asked. I nodded. They placed their fingers on my belly. I laughed. They were shocked when the baby kicked. I laughed and then Alex came with dad back. Alex came to me. 'Can we walk into the garden?' He said a little bit nervous. 'Of course, why?' I asked.

'Just wanted to be alone with you.' He said and smiled nervously. I stood up and walked into the garden with him. We walked to the roses. He picked a few roses and put it in my hands. I laughed. Then he got on one knee. I was shocked and my mouth made an 'o'. 

'Dear Laura. We're 5 years together now. I will ask you one question and there you will make me the happiest man ever if you say yes. Will you marry me?' He asked. 

'Yes, of course.' I said and hugged him. He kissed me. It was the happiest day of my life. 


This was the story! I hope you liked it a lot! 

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