Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


13. Emmett and me together? Bye dad and boys! Have Fun in New York!

I can't believe it. I'm with Emmett. Emmett Woods, maybe later misses Woods? No, it's just Me and Emmett. I don't want think about my future because what happened before... The bell rang and I sat down somewhere in the class. I sat alone. Emmett sat next to Toby, Chloe next to Destiny. But it doesn't matter anymore. I wrote and drew something and listened to the teacher.


I looked at Chloe. 'Chloe... I'm so sorry... I'm just a dumb friend.' I said and she hugged me. 'I know but you're mine dumb best friend.' She said and we laughed. 'I'm so happy that you can forgive me.' I said. 'Yeah, I don't wanna have a fight again.' Chloe said and Toby wrapped his arms around Chloe. 'You're together?' I said and swallowed. 'Yeah, he'd asked me this morning.' Chloe said happy. 'I'm so happy for you.' I said and hugged her. Okay, Toby isn't a good friend of me but I won't let my best friend go away from me. 'Are you and Emmett together?' Chloe asked. 'I don't know it anymore.' I said . 'I think we are.' Emmett said he came to me and kissed me on my forehead.

I looked at him. 'I don't know it anymore...' I said. 'I know it for sure. We will be perfect together.' Emmett said. Bell rang and we went to our class. You knew what happened in class, stupid things of course;..

-after school-

I hugged Chloe and Emmett. 'I have to go, dad have to go to New York for One Direction so he wants that I'm home before he goes to the airport.' I said. 'Okay, see you on skype? Or tomorrow?' Chloe asked. 'Yeah.' I said. Emmett gave me a kiss. 'Bye.' I said and rode home. 

I put my bike in our shed and ran inside. 'I'm not too late?' I asked. 'No, we have 10 minutes.' Harry said. I hugged Harry. 'I'm gonna miss you uncle Harry!' I said. 'You make me laugh when I need it with your crazy curls and your crazy laugh.' He had to laugh. 'I'm gonna miss you to beautiful girl. You know you will be your uncles biggest princess.' I laughed. 'Don't be silly.' I said and put a hand on my hip. He laughed. 'I miss the 4 years old girl. Then I could pick you up and swang you around.' He said. 

'You can always try.' Louis screamed. 'Let it go, Louis.' I said. 'No hugg for you.' I said to him and he looked sad. I laughed. I hugged Louis. 'You're happy now?' I asked. 'Not really, I want also a kiss on my cheek and a hugg again.' He said. I sighted. 'I want, I want, I want...' I said and Harry said after it: 'But that's crazy.' Harry and I laughed and gave each other a high five. 

I came to Niall and held him tight. He's a person I don't wanna miss in my life. Serious! He's like my dad. Maybe I'm mat at him, I don't wanna get him out of my life. 'I'm gonna miss you, Nialler.' I said. 'Princess Laura Malik, I'm gonna miss you too.' He said. I smiled a little bit. 

I came to Liam and hugged him. 'I'm also gonna miss you, mister Batman.' I said. 'Oh yeah. She knows that I'm batman.' He said and laughed. 'I don't forget you batman.' I said. I ran to Zayn. I hugged him tightly. 'Let them see how good a Malik is.' I said to Zayn. He laughed. 'You let your school see how good we are, girl. Listen to mom and take care of her. I will be here next week I hope.' He said and gave me a kiss on my forehead. The boys went away. Perrie and I were alone now.. 


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