Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


24. Dad is arrested?

I saw something familiar, that blonde dyed hair. It must be uncle Niall. He ran to me and held me in his arms. 'Uncle Niall?' I asked shocked. 'You have to come to your house. I'll explain it there. ' He ran with me to our house. Louis sat on the kitchen table with Perrie. She was crying. I don't know what happened... 'I'll tell it her now, on her room. Stay with Perrie.' Niall said. Louis nodded and consoled Perrie.

Niall took me to my room. 'Sit down, Laura. You're gonna need this..' Niall said and swallowed. 'Your dad is arrested. Liam and Harry are finding out a solution in America to get him out of jail. Someone lodged a complaint against him. We don't know who it is. She said that Zayn had raped her... I don't believe he did that. So Louis and I will find a way here to prove his innocence.' My eyes widened to Niall. I can't believe it. Zayn doesn't do that.  I think about the past days. Is it someone who hates Zayn? I realised a plan to do. I have to do it.

'Take me to the place where he's arrested!' I said sure. 'I can't Laura. Your daddy doesn't allow visit like you. you have to go to school. Actually your father forbid me to say it to you... But I haven't a choice because you can help him. But you stay here!' Niall said. I was mad. I was stubborn so I packed my stuff. Niall tried to stop me but failed. 'Why are you doing this? You're crazy!' He said and held my arm. 'Because dad is innocent! And I'm like him, I'm also crazy like him. He isn't guilty! He needs me! And I don't care about school or the others.' I shouted. 'You stay here with your mother.' Niall commanded me. 'No! I'm going to my dad! With or without you!' I went to my laptop and bought some tickets for a flight to New York.! 'What are you standing there? Do you want a ticket too?' I asked Niall mad. He organised his own ticket. With our ticket we went downstairs. 'I don't know what you two will do but I'm going to my dad!' I said mad. Perrie ran to me. 

'Darling, we can't do nothing! Understand it! I will stand by his side but we can't because we don't know what to do...' Perrie said devastated. She held my face in her hands and held me tight. I slipped away from her. 'We can do something! We can go to New York and talk to the police. I want to know who lodged that complaint... I will stand for my dad and I don't care if I have to go alone! Without or with anyone!' I said and ran with my luggage outside. Niall grabbed his luggage and followed me. 'I go with her. I couldn't held her here... So I help her there...' Niall said and sighted. Perrie and Louis nodded.  Oh no, not again... Alexander stood there. 'Not now, stupid idiot! I hate you and let me go. I want to go to my dad. He loves me, you don't...' I said. His eyes were puffy. But I don't care. I pushed him away and stepped in Nialls car. 

Niall drove us to the airport. We ran to our plane and stepped on the plane. I sat next to Niall and a hot boy. 'Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Jason.' The boy said when I sat next to him. I was a little bit shy and silent and said softly. 'Hello, I'm Laura.' He looked at me. 'Is there something?' He asked worried. 'Long story...' I said and sighted. Niall looked at me. I put my headphones on. I listened to 'Demi Lovato - For the love of a daughter'. I struggled with some words: 

Your selfish hands always expecting more,
Am I your child or just a charity award.


Oh father, please father,
I'd love to leave you alone,
But I can't let you go,
Oh father please father, 
Put the bottle down for the love of a daughter

Don't you remember, I'm your baby girl
How could you push me out of your world,
Lied to your flesh and your blood,
Put your hands on the ones that you loved,

His selfish hands, he wasn't selfish but he doesn't want help from me... I can't let him go but sometimes I wanna leave him... And we made a lot of mistakes together but I can't leave him or miss him! He's my father. My only father, my real father. Maybe not my biologic one but my real father. I fell asleep on the plane.

-arrival in New York-

We landed and I went with Niall to a hotel with a taxi. We booked one room. I'm not ashamed to sleep with my 'uncle' and there was just one room available. We dropped our luggage there. 'Tell me where he is.' I commanded Niall. He called Harry. Harry came to us and we went to Zayn... 

We went to the jail. 'I want first without someone.' I said. 'Laura! I will go with you!' Harry said. 'No Harry! I don't want someone to take my 'little hand' I'm strong enough.' I said and swallowed. I stepped into the room where Zayn sat. He sat there with a sad face. When he saw me, he smiled a little bit. 'I said to Niall and Louis and the rest you can't come..' He said and looked to me. 'I want to come. I don't let you go dad. Niall wanted to held me back and don't wanna let me do this alone, talk to you. I know your innocent.' I said and looked in his eyes. He was tired and worried. 'Thanks, my dearest daughter. But I want you to leave here. I don't want that you're unsafe. I want to protect you but I can't.' He said and sighted. 'I don't know who the woman is... They had let me see the woman but I didn't recognize her... I don't rape someone...' He said. 'I believe you, dad. You don't have to justify yourself. ' I laid my hands on his. His fist were strong. 'I was stubborn. I wanted to see you..' He laughed a little bit. 'I think that's a quality of me.' He said and laughed. I laughed with him. 

'I will investigate it! I want that you're free! I want you back in London.' I said and a tear fell over my cheek. He put a hand on my cheek and wiped my tear away. 'Don't cry, I will survive it. We're Maliks we survive everything.' He said. He's right. We survive everything. I survived our arguments, Emmett, Alexander, ... My heart was broken but I don't care. 'I will get you free!' I said and went away. Harry went to Zayn. I went to Niall. He held me tight. He stroked my hair. I cried a little bit.

'It will be alright. Believe me! We do everything for him.' Niall said. I comfort myself with that... Niall went to Zayn when Harry came to me. 'We will find a way to get him out of this.' Harry said and we waited for Niall. I leaned on a wall... I sighted. My mind was full of Zayn... Zayn, why him? He's a perfect dad... When Niall came back we went to our hotel. Harry went to his hotelroom in the same hotel. Liam was doing some research...

I fell on my bed and sighted. Niall sat next to me. 'Go for some sleep. I think your mom and Louis will find a way in London to get him free.' Niall said and put his boxers on. We had a room for two. It was a double bed. I put my pajamas on. When I lie on my bed Niall went to me and lie next to me. He rocked me into sleep. He knew that I was scared what will happen... I fell asleep in his arms. 

Author note:

Merry Christmas to everyone for Wednesday, because I don't know when I will come online tomorrow or Wednesday. And Maybe I can't publish more these 2 days. So I wish you now a Merry Christmas :) 

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