Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


8. Cheating on me!

It's my birthday today, normally I should study and celebrate my birthday but I want to write a chapter for you because you like this story and It's a sort of thank you to everyone here who wishes me a happy birthday today.


I woke up. My head felt heavy but I hadn't drink something alcoholic. I stood up and went to the bathroom, took a show, put some clothes on, combed my hair, made my make up and made me ready for school. I ate quickly a toast and grabbed my bag to go to school. I was happy, for now...

I went to school and when I arrived I saw Emmett. I was shocked! He was kissing Jennifer! What a jerk! I have to believe Zayn... I'm a dumb girl... I went to them. 'I thought you were interested in me instead of her. I thought I felt something special between us two...' I said and he looked at me.

'What special? It was a challenge with Toby. Just to see if you will go and believe me.' He laughed and said. I gave him a punch in the face and ran away to the toilets. I cried. I heard a voice. 'Laura? Everything alright?' The voice said. 'Go away!' I shouted. I don't know who it was. 'It's me Chloe. Destiny is also here. I know what's happened. He's just a jerk just like Toby.' She said. I cried.

'I'm dumb. I'm so stupid! I don't wanna hear this... Dad had warned me.' I said and cried more. 'You were in love with him. Don't say you're stupid. People do things what their hearts want to do.' Destiny said. 'She's right, Laura. It's not your fault. It's Emmetts fault. Don't let him put you down.' Chloe said.

'I can't think about that..' I said and sighted. I came out of the toilet and ran into Chloes arms. She's a real friend. She can help me with everything. She rubbed my back. 'Everything will be alright. We have to go now to class. Wipe your tears away. I'll be with you. I promise.' Chloe said. 'And I'm also here for you.' Destiny said. 'Thanks girls.' I said.

We went in class and I saw Emmett and Toby laughing at my face and imitating my voice. I came to him before I sat down. 'You know... you were a loser. Playing with someones feelings. I felt something for you. Something deeply. My dad warned me for you. But I don't wanna listen to him because I thought you were good but now I see your real face. Bad and evil like thunder and lighting that makes children frightened. Bad like a criminal. I saw you as someone who stole my heart and kept it like his own heart. I saw you like my hero. But now I'm wrong. I hate you.' I said and walked away. 

'Well done, girl.' Destiny said. And the boys did further with their childish attitude. 'Boys don't learn so fast. Their brains are slowly.' Chloe said. I laughed. We sat down on the last bank on the left row of the classroom. Destiny sat before me and Chloe. We listened to our teachers and did some funny things.

At lunch we sat down on a table of the canteen. Toby and Emmett came to us. 'Well, what we have here. The two girls.' Toby said. 'Shut up, Toby and Emmett. Choose another table.' I said. 'We want to sit by you.' Toby said. I ignored them and talked to Chloe and Destiny. 'Ignoring us?' Emmett said and rolled with his eyes. 'What do you think? That you two can play with someones feelings?' 'We don't play with your feelings?' 'Oh, yeah? Tell me then what it was yesterday and today. You kissed me yesterday and today I saw you with Jennifer Emmett....' 'That was a challenge...' 'A challenge? Do I have to believe everything? You said that the date of yesterday was a challenge and now Jennifer was a challenge...' 'I love you.' Emmett whispered.

'I don't love you anymore Emmett. Go and get another girl who lets play with her heart. ' I said and a tear fell of my cheek. 'I will prove it to you that I love you. What should I do for you?' He asked. 'Nothing only disappear or going away from me?' I said. He sighted. 'Well if it's your wish I would do that.' He went away. Toby stood by us. 'You're so dumb. He loves you!' He said. 

'Well, then I'm dumb. Because you have challenged him so I can't trusted a boy for challenges kissing me or another girl.' I said and Toby went also away. I sighted.

-End of the schoolday-

I went home. 'Dad I'm home.' I said and sighted. 'How was school little lady?' He said. He was not angry like before. Finally! He stood there and leaned on the wall.'Is there something?' He asked. 'No.' I said and shuffled a little bit with my right feet. 'I know there's something.' He said. 'Okay dad. You're right, you're right with everything just like Emmett...' I said.

'See ! I've said it to you!' He said. 'Yes, I know. You don't have to remind me about it! I'm so stupid you have your point.' I said and ran upstairs.

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