Laura, The 16 years old daughter of ... (Sequel to Daughter of Mister Malik and Misses Edwards)

Laura is a 16 years old girl now. Her parents settled down after years touring around the world. She discovered love, friendship, family and more. She has problems to accept the famous statue of her parents. She has arguments and discussions with them. She is smarter then anyone thinks...


34. Break up, make up, beat up, maybe wake up?

I woke up with Alex' arms around me. I was shocked when I realized he slept here for me last night. I asked it yesterday I finally realized it. I have to admit it... I'm in love with him again... 'Goodmorning sunshine!' He said and smiled to me. I smiled back and stretched my arms. I stepped out my bed and walked to Ella. I gave her her morning bottle. At night I had given het also her bottles. She wasn't that hard. I heard Alex behind me when I changed Ellas diaper.

'Can we be together again?' His husky voice said. In my heart I want him back but what will my dad said. I looked his eyes when I held Ella in my arms. 'Laura Alicia Rose Malik, will you be my girlfriend again?' He said and lifted my chin with his two fingers. My eyes looked worried. 'I don't know it anymore. I have to take care of Ella.' I said and tried to escape from him. 'Laura, say you love me because I felt something yesterday. If you don't love me, I will leave now.' He said. I want to say that I don't love him but it isn't... 

'I don't... love you.' I said and swallowed. He was sad and went away. I ran to him with Ella. 'Wait! My heart says yes to you but my brain says no...' I said and a tear fell over my cheek. He wiped it away. 'I understand you. I will give you time but at least give it a try.' He said. I nodded. 'I will give you one chance again.' I said and he smiled. He wanted to hug me but yeah Ella, needed my arms. 

'I will rock Ella back to sleep and then you can hug me.' I said and winked. His eyes shined. I rocked Ella into sleep and put her back in her crib. Then Alex wrapped his arms around me. 'Can I kiss you?' He asked and smirked. I nodded slowly. He leaned in and kissed when he smiled. I felt his soft lips on mine. 

His soft lips. They were mine again. I missed Alex these 7 months. 'I want to be with you. i open my heart for you.' I said to him and smirked. I changed my clothes. My phone vibrated, dad: 

Hi honey, I'm coming home so you can go to mom and I will take care of Ella. I will try... x 

I ran to Alex and said he has to go because my dad will arrive. When he opened the door, dad stood there. 'I have to go.' Alex said and went away. 'Why is he in our house?' Dad asked mad. 'He stayed the night because I asked it him. He comforted me yesterday and I begged to stay here. I don't wanna be alone with my new born sister. because I was scared I didn't hear her..' 'So you think, why I shouldn't invite my ex? He's my neighbour but he came her yesterday to ask about mom and he hugged me. I felt safe with him.' I said. 'Well, you can call me or your brother Jacob? Or are we too bad for you?' He said and narrowed his eyebrows.

'No dad, absolutely not. You had to take care of mom for godsake dad! And Jacob has a girlfriend! Remember?' I said mad and sighted. 'That doesn't mean he can't take care of you. You could stay the night there!' He said and sighted. 'You think I do that. He isn't my babysitter anymore. I'm not a child anymore. You have to let me go!' 'Are you with Alex? Say the truth?' 'Yes, I am with him. Does it care for you? I think you don't care! It's none of your business .'  'Laura, it does matter for me! And you are a whore if you go with him! He will use you for your virginity!' 'Well dad, then I'm a whore, I'm not the one who let me stay here in house for a private teacher so I can't see boys or my best friend! I'm isolated thanks to you! I lost my life thanks to all this. Because I'm the daughter of Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, because they are soooo famous!' I said and exaggerated it.

He slapped me. I felt pain but I ran upstairs and packed Ellas stuff. After that I packed mine and when to Ellas room and took her in my arms. My other arm was for my suitcase. 'Laura Alicia Rose Malik! Where are you going?' Dad shouted 'A whore doesn't belong here! And Ella deserves a better dad then you!' I shouted back and run with Ella in my hands and my suitcase rolling over the floor to Nialls place.

Dad wanted to stop me but nothing helped. I pushed to the doorbell at Nialls place. I heard some voices. 'Don't open it princess. I'll go.' I heard Niall. He opened the door. 'Laura?' He asked shocked. I nodded. He looked at me and looked at Ella. 'Come in.' He said and he helped me with my suitcase. 'What are you doing here?' He asked. 'I had a massive argument with dad. He slapped me.' I cried. Hannah came to us and took Ella over. 'I will take care of Ella so you and Niall can talk.' She said and winked. I smiled to her. 'Thanks.' I said. 'Let's go to my studio.' He said and walked to his private studio. 

Dad had also a private studio. Sometimes I listened and sang into his studio. Niall grabbed a chair for me and I sat down. 'What happened?' He asked. 'You know that mom is in a coma since yesterday? I took care of Ella because she looked too much like Perrie according to dad. He can't take care of her. Jacob brought me home yesterday night. Alex pushed on the doorbell yesterday and wanted to talk and I told him about the whole situation. I hugged him and then I realised I was scared alone with Ella... I don't wanna let her hungry if I don't hear her. I was scared about what will happen with mom so I asked Alex to stay. I fell in love with him again... I was actually...'

 'What?! You're in love with him again?' I nodded and cried. 'I love him, he helped me the whole night and morning with Ella, until my dad came home. Alex wanted to go but when he opened the door, dad stood there...' 'Oh no.' 'Yes, he was really mad and called me whore because Alex will use my virginity..' 'And what did you answered?' 'I said to him that it isn't his business and also about the private teacher and isolated in house... He slapped me and then I decided to pack my things and ran with Ella to you because he can't hurt Ella.' I said.

'It's so good to protect your little sister. Maybe you want to go to bed or do you want to go to your mother? You can stay here until I talked with you and your dad together.' 'Thanks, Niall.' I said and hugged him. 'I want to go to mom if I can. But I think if he doesn't look for me he will go to her...' 'I'll fix that.' Niall said and winked and called Louis and Harry. I didn't listen to the conversation. I had a flashback.

* flashback *

'I promise you that I don't slap you like the father of Chloe. I'm your father and I will your father. You are my little Laura. I don't gonna call you names.' He stroked my cheek and put a lock of my ear behind my ear. I was crying because mom was sick and Chloe's father slapped her...

* end flashback *

The words turned around my head. 'Your dad is at Louis' place, I will bring you to your mom and then I will go to your dad to talk to him. Ella will stay here with Jason and Hannah.' Niall said and bothered the words in my head. He brought me to mom.

I pushed the doorbell. 'Hello, who are you?' A voice said trough the doorbellsystem. 'It's the daughter of Perrie Edwards.' 'How old are you?' '16 almost 17' 'Okay, come in.' She said and I heard a sound that opened the door. I searched my moms room. 

I sat next to her and held her hand. 'I miss you mom. I want you be with me and Ella. I'm with Alex again. Dad went crazy, called me a whore and said that Alex will use my virginity... He slapped me. That was the decision to pack my stuff and Ellas so I went to Niall. I don't want that Ella's going to hurt...' I said and cried. 'Mom, I want you back, nothing is the same without you.' Then suddenly I felt her hand squeezing me. I looked like a sign she heard me. 'She squeezed my hand!' I called the nurses. They said I had to go so they could take some tests. 

I waited in the waiting room. After half an hour they called me. 'I'm sorry but I think she's just in a coma. The chance of waking up is 10%. If she won't wake up after a week I think you have to consider with your father to switch off the button.' She said and cried. I walked back to mum. I cried. 'If you won't wake up after a week we have to consider to turn the switch off. I don't want that. You are my last hope here. I don't wanna live alone with dad. He's desperate. He misses you, I miss you. ' I cried on her lifeless chest. 'Please wake up mom.' I said and laid her hand on my back. I fell asleep in her arm.


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