The Girl Who Tried

This girl, goes through more than you'd think. It's not just the orphanage, or losing the few people she connects with, but the constant heartache and paps. Everything about this life seems wrong, but being with Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn seems so right. Especially when she meets some other people, who she can't help but connect with. This is the story of her adventures, her heartaches, her happiness and love. This, is the story of the girl who tried.


2. The Adoption.



          Now, you learn about the low point in her life. She was living in an orphanage, at only 16 years old. Little did she know, the people whom she loved most were there, and would change her life drastically. 


        This is where the actual story is going to start, the last section was just a tiny bit of her story. I'll just sum everything inbetween up. Her mother had been diagnosed with cancer again, and passed away when she was 15. Her step dad became an alcoholic and passed away, and her real father was killed in a plain crash. (To tell the truth, she was a bit relieved when she was able to get away from her verbally and kinda physically abusive father.) Finally, her brother was enrolled into the Naval Academy. 

         She had learned guitar by then, and was happy to find an old one lying around. She hardly ever found the time to use it, as she was always working or being trotted out and presented to people looking for children to call their own. They always chose the younger ones. To them, they would only get three years with her. The plan was for her best friend Kayla's family to adopt her, just as soon as they got back from vacation. 

          She had finally found the time to pick up the guitar. It needed some tuning, but she was able to do it quickly. She had heard some noise outside, but ignored it. There were a few little girls in their beds around hers, and a baby in the bassinet a couple beds down. She lightly strummed and found the tune to "Little Things" being poured from the instrument. Soon enough, she found the words flowing from her lips too. 

         She didn't even notice all of the girls forming a circle around her. "And all your little things...." She hardly even sang the words, they were so quiet. She looked up, and flinched, surprised by the amount of girls around her. 

"Wow." One of them marveled. 

"That was amazing!" Another proclaimed. 

"If she sang like that at night, we wouldn't have any trouble sleeping!" The one with messy braids mumbled. This sparked something in all the others. 


"Could you?" 

"Please, please, please!" She laughed a little, blushing. 

"O-Okay." She had always known that her singing was good, but didn't know that the little girls would love it so much. "I'll need to know all of your names first." She said, a smile breaking out on her face. 

"Anna!" Said the red head. 

"May." Muttered the one with the pony tail and cute nose. 

"I'm Jamie." The one with the messy braids said, looking up with her vibrant blue eyes. 

"It's very nice to meet you all." She said, her smile a bit wider. She gestures to the baby sleeping peacefully in the bassinet. "What's her name?" 


"She doesn't have a name." One of them whispered bravely. 

"Well, why don't we give her one?" She had always made it upon herself to make people feel better. Even more when it's little kids. 

They all thought long and hard, but eventually they all decided upon the name, Hope. 



                After they all cleaned the kitchen, with her taking most of the work due to her age, it was about time for bed. The girls had been lectured for and were all filing upstairs and getting in pajamas. She threw on a baggy t-shirt and loose pajama pants, and helped all the girls into their adorable matching sets. She helped all the girls brush their teeth, and even managed to crack a few jokes for them. She brushed out her hair and brushed her own teeth, and was about to get into bed. Suddenly, she heard a small plea. 

"Aren't you going to sing?" She snapped her tired eyes open and nodded. 

"Of course, of course." 

               She reached over and grabbed the guitar, picking it up. She strums to make sure it's still tuned. 

"What do you want to hear?" 


"Just the one you sang earlier?" 

                And so she did. 


            It had become a nightly thing for them. Her singing all of them to sleep. She was also the one to calm the small whines and cries of Hope from her bassinet. She would hear the small gurgles coming from the crib and be on her feet immediately. She would know that the "bosses" in the other room would hear it, so, she would whisper through the paper-thin wall, "I got it." She had no idea if they had actually had any intentions of getting up and taking care of the infant, but she would always let the know anyway. 

"Hush little baby, don't you cry." She found herself hesitating before saying the word, 'Mamma' She continued. 

"Mamma's gonna sing you a lullaby." 

            Her whines would die down within a minute or two, and she would gently rock her back and forth until she could feel her fall into a peaceful sleep. Slowly and quietly, so she didn't disturb the boy's dorm or the sleeping girls, she would enter the room and carefully place Hope back into the bassinet. Then, she could finally let her head fall onto the pillow and drift into a not-so-peaceful sleep. This, was about the third week she had been there. She stopped keeping track. 

              One night, she was gently strumming and singing a song she had heard on the old broken radio in the kitchen. She thinks it should be called "Half of Me", or "Half a Heart" Or something. It was by One Direction? She had memorized the lyrics and thought it was gorgeous. It was a new song apparently. She had heard collective gasps from downstairs that morning, and was wondering what was going on. She had decided to calm the girls whom were all crying from being rejected. It was evaluation day, and no one left. Secretly, she was relieved she didn't have to say goodbye to any of them. (Although she didn't admit it openly, she had become specially attached to Jamie, whom she had finally taught how to properly braid her hair.)


"Waking up to only half the blue sky, kinda there but not quite. I'm walkin' around with just one shoe, I'm half a heart without you. Half a man at best, Half an hour with my chest." The words flowed out better than she had expected, only hearing the lyrics earlier that day. 

             Once she was finished, she could hear something from the doorway... clapping? What? Her head whipped to the side to see five men standing there, clapping for her. One was a bit taller than the rest, and had curly brown locks. He seemed very muscular and had multiple tattoos. The other boy with tattoos had jet black hair, styled up in a quiff. The man with the brown eyes like a puppies also had tattoos, and looked like he was about to cry. The only blond one had brown roots, had vibrant blue eyes, and was standing in a relaxed position. Finally, the one with the light, sandy brown hair seemed like he had really, honestly admired her. He was handsome, but seemed a bit too old for her. 

             She could feel her face flush, and for some reason, the girls were getting fidgety and restless. 

"O-Oh. Hello. I thought evaluation day was yesterday?" She knew her cheeks had turned rosy red, and just wanted the moment to pass. 

"Do you know who they are?" Jamie whispered in her ear. She turned her attention to the girl whose braids were imperfect, but neater. 

"No." She shook her head, amusing the girl. "Who are they." 

"They're One Direction!" She cried out, all the girls nodding and squealing with excitement. 

           Before she knew completely what was going on, May was on her feet and hurried to the door. She watched the curly haired one and the one with the kind, admiring eyes look down with the biggest smiles. The others smiled too, but not as wide. 

" 'Scuse me." She whispers, tugging on one of their shirts. "Could I please have an autograph?" She whispers, her tiny voice trembling as she does so. The blond one's bottom lip stuck out to show how adorable he found May. 

"Of course." Suddenly, her heart stopped. Their voices were like chocolate. Suddenly, it slapped her in the face. She just sang one of their songs. 

           She stood and placed the guitar so it was leaning against the wall. She walks over to the small girl and picks her up, holding her on her hip. 

"S-So... I just sang... one of your songs?" She stumbles to find words. They laugh a little, making her stomach turn and her face flush even more.

"Yes you did, love." 

"I-I didn't know. I just heard it on the radio while cleaning this morning, I'm sorry." She suddenly finds herself stuttering and feeling bad for singing their song. 

"Calm down, it's not a problem." The blond one says. 

"You have a really lovely voice." The one with the kind eyes says. She blushes even harder -- if that's possible -- and looks down. 

"Thank you." She whispers. Suddenly, Jamie was right by them, along with the other girls. She set May down. 

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you guys here?" 

"Didn't you girls hear? We came to adopt someone! We're pretty sure we're going to pick a girl!" Gasps and jumps and squeals. Her heart, on the other hand, sank. 

"Oh my god!" 


"Really?! Awesome!" 

"Great... great.." She sighs. Suddenly, they hear the bell signaling it was time to prepare dinner. She heard the boys filing downstairs, and the girls followed suit. 

"Where are you all going?" 

"Time to make dinner." She said simply. 

"Oh.. do you need help?" 

"No!" Everyone says it at once, and with a bit more force than intended. It wasn't mean, just out of fear. They had been warned about letting the clients help. All of the girls fall silent, and she can tell they're close to tears. 

"Let's go." She whispers, walking down the stairs behind the younger girls. 

               On the way down, she could hear murmurs from the boys behind her. She looks back and gives them a look, both apologetic and a slight warning look. She tried to communicate as best as possible that they were all just scared, not angry. 


                  It didn't take them that long to prepare the food, but she noticed something weird. She saw a boy who was about her age. He looked really depressed, but tried to held it together. That was alright. She knew exactly what he was going through. Maybe she would talk to him later. They served the spaghetti to the five bots that were visiting, and to the administrators. All the girls were all start struck, but for some reason, she could only see them as normal people, but ones with amazing voices. She had never heard of them before, so you really can't blame her. 

"This looks lovely." One of them says. 

"So," The administrator starts. "Let me get this right. Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry?" 


"Yep!" They all smile kindly, making her feel warm inside. 

            She can't help but smile back. 

"When will all of you be making your big choice?" 

"Soon." They all start chatting away, and she is pleasantly surprised by the fact at how normal they are. They even manage to make her laugh at a few of their horribly put together jokes. 

"Just a damn managment move." 


        The boy whom had the courage to speak up was thumped across the back of the head, making him give a small yelp. She wanted to leap from her chair and smack the administrator, but that would only result in her girls suffering. 

"Don't you dare speak like that!" 

"Sorry, ma'am." 

"What did he say?" The one she remembers as Niall asks. 

"He said your adoption was strictly a management move. Don't worry, he will be punished." 

"No!" The curly haired one exclaims. "I mean uh- there's no need. He is..." 

"Correct." Louis finishes for him. 

             She can feel her fingers curl tighter around the fork, causing her knuckles to turn white. She could swear a couple of the boys noticed her, but neither of them said a word. 


               After dinner, ever girl and boy would meet with the stars personally. She didn't hesitate to storm upstairs, leaving the girls to chat among themselves before their interview. She sat on the bed, making sure the door was closed before shoving her face in the pillow and letting her tears flow. She even allowed a few sobs to pass her lips. 

"I'm losing one of my girls for a god dammed management move!"  

              At this point, Niall found that it was best to leave the room for her. He had been there, because it was her turn to be interviewed. He just wanted to let her know and chat, but instead left with his heart in his stomach. He had seen her sing to them, and he watched their faces when she sang. He closed the door as quietly as he could, but they were designed to make noise. Her head snapped up, and he could hear her breathing come to a halt then become heavy. 

"Who's there?" He let out a sigh and opened the door for her. At this point, she could see his red eyes. She would have felt bad, but with one of her girls being taken from her, it was difficult to summon any sympathy. 

"Oh... hello." She said, weakly. 

"Um.. hey." His voice cracked, and at this point, she had no option but to feel sorry for him. 

"What's wrong?" She asked, wiping her own tears.

          He slowly walked into the room, being sure not to over-step his boundaries. He sat on the bed across from hers. 

"I could ask the same of you." 

           She doesn't respond. 

"I heard you crying." He whispers. She looks up, to see him looking at his hands. Still, she doesn't respond. "I hate that we'll have to take someone from you..." 

"I understand." She mumbles. She sneezes suddenly, something she does when she cries. 

"Bless you." 


"Why were you up here anyway?" 

"It's your turn to be interviewed."  She looked back up suddenly. 

"What? I- I figured you would have wanted a younger girl." 

"Maybe, maybe not." She sighed. 

"Alright." She wipes her face, running a hand through her hair. "I'll do it. But I'm not going to be fake and try to win you over." 

"Of course, wouldn't want you to." He smiles lightly, standing. She does the same. 

                    He leads her to the all too familiar interview room. She finds the girls sitting outside, and they all smile at her, and she works hard to return it. He opens the door for her, and she's actually surprised. She thanks him and he sits her down and sits across from her with the other boys. 

"Hello." They smile kindly, filling her with a warm feeling she resents. 


"So.. tell us about yourself." Liam says, smiling with his puppy dog eyes. 

"What would you like to know?" 

"Anything. Just... talk." 

"Well..." She can't think of anything, so she talks about the only thing she's proud of. 

"Those girls out there? I care about them. A lot. They're my girls, and I won't let anything help them. They get restless at night and can't sleep unless I sing to them, so I do every single night." The words just come pouring out, and she can't help it. "I hate the thought of them tossing and turning at night, even though I'm well aware of the fact you all can probably sing a lot better than I can, and you even wrote the songs I sing for them," She finds herself rambling. "And I just..." She takes a deep breath and tries her best to calm herself. "I'm sorry." 

         She's embarrassed when she finds none of them are speaking. So, like an idiot, she keeps talking. 

"I'm really not normally like this. I love joking around and watching TV and doing normal things.. I guess I'm just upset that I'm losing one of my girls..." She trails off. "I wish I could demonstrate the person I normally am but-" She's cut off by her words being caught in her throat. 

            Without any other words, she gets up from her chair and storms out the door, closing it firmly behind her. 



"They make the choice tonight." 

"I know, sweetheart." 

"Why are you upset?" She lets out a sigh, sitting on her knees before the small girls. She begins to undo her braids, so she can brush out her soft hair. 

"Because we have to say goodbye to someone. That's sad." She says, running the brush through her hair. "Are you sad." Jamie stands straighter. 

"No. Someone gets a better life, starting tomorrow." A rush of pride for Jamie runs through her. "Everyone deserves something good, and someone finally gets it." 

"That's right, sweetheart. That's very right." She then lightly pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Go on, get into bed. You've had a long day. All of you have." She kissed everyone's forehead and tucked them all in. She took care of Hope and made sure she was asleep. 

                 She gently sat in the bed and opened up her book. It was an old book, but one she had grown fond of. She only had a small flashlight to keep her book in view, but that was alright. Suddenly, she heard the familiar sheep-like cries coming from the bassinet. 

"I'm coming." She sighed and stood. She gently picked Hope up and carried her into the hall.

               She swayed back and forth, humming lightly. By the time she normally quiets down, her cries were actually growing a bit louder. She could hear muttering coming from the other room. 

"Oh, oh no. Please quiet down. Maybe I should sing? Do you want to hear me sing?" 

              So, she starts to sing a lullaby, the most classic one. 

"Rock a' by baby, on the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bow brakes, the cradle will fall. Down will come baby, and so will all." She sighs, as Hope wouldn't stop crying. She felt Hope's forehead and felt her cheeks flush. She had a fever. 

"No, oh no no!" She starts rushing around, bouncing so that the baby would at least be a bit more comfortable. She knocked on the door, a random door, quite nervously. "Please open up! H-Hope has a fever!" She tried to keep her voice down, but was too nervous and scared to help it. 

                 The door was quickly swung open by a shirtless and very muscular boy. He was wearing a headband, and his tattoos were heaving up and down with his breath. Harry, right? She was too worried to pay too much attention to his attractive appearance. 

"Please, she's really sick." She said, her voice trembling. 

"Let's go, come on." He grabs a t-shirt and throws it on, not bothering with shoes. She starts to cry even louder and she can feel tears rising in her own eyes. 

            He lead her outside to a black Road Ranger which she hopped into the back of. He got into the driver seat and sped off. 

"How old is she?" 

"Uh... I don't know. 10 months? I Don't know, she's young." 

"Don't worry, she's going to be fine." She couldn't help but hold the crying infant into her arms closer. "You really care about her." She nods. 

"Yes." She whispers faintly. 

"You're really caring... I'm glad you're the girl we chose." 

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