A lot Can Happen In Only 4 Months

Paige Sparks is an up an coming actress. She's making minimum wage. But what happens when she get's signed to be part of a brand new TV show? She starts to become more known throughout the states. But that's it. Or so she thought. What will happen when her new manager comes to saying that she has the opportunity of a lifetime. She got a job offer from Modest! Management. Gets paid a lot of money to be Harry Styles fake girlfriend. There is just a few slight problems. She starts to actually fall for him and one of his best mates...


7. Awkward Much? (Paige's P.O.V.)

Paige's P.O.V.

"You what?!?!?!?" Kayla yelled excitedly. "O-M-G!! You two are going to be a real couple! I can just tell!!! Just yay! My bestie has a crushie?"

I let out laugh, "I don't have a crushie!" I teased back.

"Paige, you should so tell him how you feel. You have to!!!" Kayla squealed.She jumped up and ran into the kitchen, "Ohhh popcorn!"

I let out a giggle, just as my phone vibrated with text.

From: Jay

Paige and Harry, here is your instructions for your date tomorrow. Harry you will pick Paige up at 11 tomorrow. Then go out to lunch, you 2 can decide where. After your meal, you are to kiss. Just a quick peck on the lips at the restaurant before you leave. After your done with your lunch, go for a "Romantic" walk in the park.  Go back to Harry's apartment so Paige can meet his friends. Hang out there for about an hour or 2. Then Harry you will bring Paige back to her apartment, do a small 30 second make-out session and then your done. Good Luck Guys!


My mouth dropped, wow. That's moving way to fast. I guess I should probably text Harry this.


Hey Harry, this is Paige, Jay gave me your number to tell you that they want you to pick me up at 11am tomorrow and then we go out to lunch.

I sent the text and set my phone down. I waited for a text back. It took him a few minutes before he replied.


Okay, cool. See you at 11 :)

A huge smile crept onto my face. He texted me a smiley face!! Okay, why am I so happy about this? It doesn't mean anything. Wow, I seriously do have issues.  I texted back.

To: Harry

Here is the details on the date...in my opinion, it's a little to soon.

I forwarded the details to him. 

He didn't text back, so I'm assuming he got the text? Oh well.

I stood up and walked to the kitchen to find that Kayla had eaten my whole bag of popcorn and was now eating some fudge I had made.  

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked looking from her to the food in her hand. \

She laughed, "I'm just getting a snack."

I rolled my eyes, "I'm going to bed." I walked out of the kitchen and to my room. I crawled into my bed almost instantly falling sleep.

<><><>In The Dream<><><>

"Just kiss me," I smiled up at him. His green eyes glisten in the pouring rain. I've always wanted to kiss somebody in the pouring rain. 

Harry smiled at me, "I don't know babe, what do I get for it?"

I giggled and grabbed his shirt pulling him to me, "You get a happy girlfriend. And plus, you get to kiss me. Its a 2 in 1 deal!"

He laughed and leaned in, and before I knew it, his face was only inches from mine, closer...closer...closer...


<><><>Back to Reality<><><>

I woke up to somebody shaking me. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Harry?

"Harry?" I asked slowly sitting up. He nodded. "How'd you get in here?"

He chuckled, "Uhm, your friend let me in...sorry. but um its 11:15."

I jumped up, "What??? Its 11:15?? Give me like 5 minutes." I ran to my closet and quickly grabbed some clothes. I don't really care what they are. Who cares if they don't match right? I ran to the bathroom and slid into my new clothes. I quickly applied some make-up. For my hair, I brushed it and neatly braided it into a fishtail braid. I walked back out to Harry. "I'm ready."

He smiled at me, "Okay, let's go get some lunch." He started to walk out of my flat. I quickly grabbed my phone off my bed and followed him outside to his car, we got in and started driving. 

"Where do you want to eat?" I asked him, looking at the side of his head.

He turned to look at me for a second before his eyes went back to the road, "Um you choose, I don't know of that many places to eat around here..."

A smile came across my face, "Let's go to Cracker Barrel. It's my favorite."

Harry nodded and a nervous look came across his face, "So uh Paige...about the directions we have for this whole after noon. About how I take you back to the hotel me and the lads are staying at, so you can meet them...well I'm not sure if you'll be mad at me or not, but I kind of told them the truth about us. About how we are only fake dating..."

"Don't worry about it Harry, I kind of told my friend the truth too..."I admitted. He smiled at me, "So you don't mind?"

I shook my head, "Nope, in fact, it's probably better they know."

He smiled, "We won't have to act around our friends. Which is a good thing."

I don't know why, but I felt upset about that. Which is so weird. Why would I be upset about something so stupid. I sighed. Oops. 

"What's wrong Paige?" He asked looking away from the road for a second. 

Umm...think Paige think! Think of something he will believe. I can't tell him that I actually like him. I don't like him! Oh come on Paige, you know you do. Do not! Do too! STOP!

"Just thinking about what we have to do....I uh know this sounds a bit weird, but if though this only a fake relationship, your still my first boyfriend. Since they want us to kiss, that also means you're my first kiss. I don't think I can do this."

He nodded understandingly, "Don't worry Paige, I will take care of you. Yeah we have to kiss, but it won't truly be your first kiss unless it means something to you."

I smiled, "You know Harry, those were some interesting words...a good interesting though."

Harry chuckled, "I know, wanna practice?" he joked.

I giggled, "Uhm...no. I don't." We both laughed and pulled up into Cracker Barrel.

Harry got out first like he always insists on doing, then jogging over to my side just so he could open my door for me to get out. As soon as he put his hand around mine, I whispered, "Why do you do that? You know you don't have to."

He laughed and wrapped his arms around me as we walked into Cracker Barrel. "I'm your boyfriend, I'm just being nice."

"Yeah, your such a great boyfriend." I joked as we were guided to our table. 

We sat down across from each other. I smiled up at him, " Harry? I um...have a slight problem."

He looked up and made eye contact with me, "What is it?"

I took a deep breath and gulped, "I can't do this. I'm not comfortable doing this..."

"Come here..."He patted the seat next to him. I sighed and instead of sitting across from him, I moved to next to him. 

I sighed and closed my eyes. I felt him wrap his arms around me, pulling me into a hug. I smiled, and looked up at him, my eyes coming in contact with his emerald green eyes. He smiled at me, "Don't worry about the kiss. It won't be so bad. I'll prove it." 

I giggled, and rested my head on his shoulder. "Please don't."

Harry chuckled. "Okay okay..."

We ordered and quickly at ate. While we ate, we talked about his friends and their personalities. All his friends sound like they're really nice. We finished eating, and it was...time. Yikes.

He payed and then gave me a slight smile, "You know," he started to whisper, "I can make it look real, without actually kissing you if you want."

I shook my head, "Let's just do it, I'm fine."

He nodded and started to lean in towards me. I gulped and lean closer to him. In inch from his lips...before I had realized it, our lips made contact. it was a short 5 second kiss. I pulled away. As soon as he pulled away, he smiled at me, probably to make it seem like we were dating. We stood up and walked outside to his car. 

Once we both go in, he turned to me, "So are you okay?" 

I nodded slowly. After that little kiss, my stomach has butterflies. Great. Should I tell him about my feelings towards him? I should... "Yeah, um Harry, I don't know how to say this, but I think that I may have some feelings towards you..." 



A/N: Hey guys! I need some ideas for Harry's P.O.V. when she meets the rest of One Direction. Comment below! Don't forget, like, and favorite too! Should I continue? Bye! Thanks love ya guys!

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