Things I can, things I can't - Larry stylinson

Things i can, things i can't -
"you never tried like us, you never had to hide like us" - Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are truely madly deeply in love with each other but management won't allow them to be together without hiding so they hide from the truth. Louis Tomlinson is living a doubble life with his love. He's having a beard Eleanor Calder, Harry hates it and tries to break Louis just like Louis breakes him by sleeping with kendall jenner once. Their love fades out and to concerts everything goes wrong. They fight. They hate. They love. At one point everything starts to be to much for Harry, to much to see Louis with Eleanor, to much pain. What will happend to Harry will he survive the pain?


3. Chapter 1 - "We were having fun hiding"

Harrys point of view:


“What’s up with the whole Larry Stylinson thing?” The interviewer asked, I looked over at Louis and smiled, he smiled back at me and said what he always said. “Larry is a made up thing by our fans who believes we’re having a secret relationship.” Louis said. I’m sure it’s more of a routine for Louis. I never say anything about it I hate talking about it, I get sad I get absolutely broken because I know the truth.

“What about Eleanor how is it to be so in love Louis?” The interviewer asked Louis. Louis looked down at his hands. Eleanor, they’re not even together you probably figured. It’s again one of Modest! Management many tricks, many talents. When I hear the name Eleanor something stop in my heart, I hate when I see them together I seriously hate it, it’s so fake, it’s not Louis. “I love Eleanor and we’re having a great time.” Louis said while smiling at the interviewer. Liam looked at me and gave me a little concerned smile, he knew all along, everyone knew in our team besides our fans. We lied.


“Harry what’s wrong mate?” Niall said and looked at me. I stopped and looked right back at him. I swear if my eyes could kill I had probably killed Niall. “What do you think Niall, how do you think it is to hear about bloody Eleanor, to hear about all of this. Lies Niall lies.” I almost screamed. Niall looked at me and walked up to me, he moved his body close to mine and gave me a hug. “I’m sorry Harry.” He said and walked right past me. Before I knew it the other boys came walking right past me without Louis he stopped and looked at me, his green eyes just looking without removing them from my blue eyes. “Harry?” Louis said and walked close to me. He toke my hand in his and we walked in to a little bathroom, no one could see or find us in here. “I miss you Louis, I miss everything we had, and do you remember it? Do you remember the silly days? We were having fun hiding.” I said while letting go of my tears, I let them go like I let go of Louis.


Louis head were planted in my crotch, his mouth against my length giving me the pleasure of an orgasm. “God Louis.” I almost yelled. He took his mouth off my length and his head against mine. “Do you like it?” He mumbled. “Of course I do.” I tried to say. He took his mouth to my length again and again did was he was best at. I planted my hand in his hair and pull I made him go faster by helping him go back and forth. I came undone with a little moan. “Wow Louis I love you.” I said and planted my lips against his lips. He smiled at me and laughed. “I know I’m good Harry don’t you dare lie.” He said and laughed again. I laughed with him and turned on the computer. “Let us look at twitter.” He nodded in agreement. “Go search on Larry in trends.” Louis said and I smiled at him. “You dimples are killing me Harry stop it you.” Louis smirked at back at me. “Like you kill me with your mouth?” I smirked back at him. He laughed a silly laugh and pointed at the screen. A lot of Larry pictures showed on the screen, not that I didn’t like it I was actually happy about it, happy because people like Larry people think it’s okay for Louis and me to be in a relationship. “They are like the FBI with those analyses of the pictures aren’t they?” I said and looked at Louis.  “It’s scary somehow.” Louis said and smiled, he pushed his nose against mine. “I love you.” He said and I took the computer away from my lap and looked back at Louis. “I love you too babe.” I pushed my lips against his in an intense kiss. I loved him and that will never change. We are a secret and we’re probably going to stay that way for a while I hope so.

Flashback done.

“Harry I miss you too, I really do.” Louis said. He walked close to me and pressed his body into mine in a weightless hug. My heart stopped, popped and clicked a million times. I pressed my lips against his lips. “This is so wrong.” Louis said and stopped the kiss. His hands all around my hair. “Why.” I whispered in his ears. “Modest! Management.” Louis claimed. I don’t blame him for that, modest stopped it. Modest really did. “We can hide again? Maybe, maybe the whole Eleanor and you thing will make it easier?” I suggested and Louis nodded and once again our lips meet in an intimate kiss. “Let’s go back and talk with the boys and modest okay baby?” Louis said while pressing his forehead against mine. 

Louis point of view:


“That interviewer was hot.” Liam laughed and looked at me. “She was pretty but I don’t know about hot mate.” I said laughing and looked at Zayn who laughed his butt off. “We know you’re gay Tommo, don’t you lie about that mate.” Zayn laughed and hit me with his sweaty towel, I am gay but still I would know if a girl were hot won’t I know that? I think I would. “Let’s find Niall and Harold.” Zayn said with a voice of a lad. Both Liam and me smiled and him and began walking down the hallway and there he stood, Harry stood with such a pity in his face that the flowers would dry out just by one look from Harry. “He looks sad.” Zayn whispered in my ear. “He’s been down lately.” Liam agreed. I nodded. “Just go ahead I’ll talk with him.” I said and they both walked past him. I stopped right in front of him. My eyes met his. “Harry?” I said and walked close to him I toke his hand in mine and walked into the bathroom I needed us to be alone without the chance of any security or modest people coming by. “I miss you Louis, I miss everything we had, and do you remember it? Do you remember the silly days? We were having fun hiding.” Harry said and his tears streamed down his chins I hate seeing him like that, I hate seeing that boy sad he means so much I love him I really do, our relationship has been gone for 2 years, we have fun yes but we’re not like we used too.

Things we can’t, things we haven’t done in 2 years:

We haven’t had sex in 2 years.

We haven’t touched each other sexually.

We haven’t kissed.

We haven’t been out on dates.

We haven’t been at each other’s flats hanging out.


Everything went wrong when Harry walked away from me. I still think about what would have happened if he didn’t let go of me. “Harry I miss you too, I really do.” I said. I wanted so badly to kiss him, I wanted so badly to hug him, that thing I will achieve, and I need to. I walked close to him and took hold of his body and pressed it against mine in a hug. 5 million butterflies flew through my body, I have really missed the feeling of Harry so close to me, so close and I never want to let him go, never ever, I just want to stay in this hug, stay right here and make a bobble for Harry and me, our little own world were only we’re allowed. Harry pressed his big lips against mine, a feeling of something wrong went through my body. “This is so wrong.” I said and he just stared at me while I touched his full curly hair like I used too. “Why.” He asked and looked afraid of my answer, he shouldn’t be afraid, he were the one to leave at first right? “Modest! Management.” I said. No matter what we always need to tell what’s going on to Modest! It’s our contract and I can assure you they always find out if we’re keeping secrets. They’re like the police, like the fans. “We can hide again? Maybe, maybe the whole Eleanor and you thing will make it easier?” Harry said sounding sure about his suggestion. Eleanor was already a beard, just for the fans not to believe that I am actually gay which I am but never mind about that. I nodded in agreement. We both pressed our lips together in a kiss made of perfection. “Let’s go back and talk with the boys and modest okay baby?” I said and pressed my forehead against Harrys. He smiled at me, the way his smiles always get the best of me, I don’t know how he does it but he make me weak, very weak.


“What is happening lads.” Zayn yelled when we came in to the little meeting room, Zayn had Perries hand in his. The boys were there, Modest! Management was there. Eleanor and Perrie were there. Harry looked at me with big blue eyes, he got me weak every time he just stared at me, I was frozen I mean like really frozen like a cube of ice. “Lads can we talk to you.” I said looking at Liam, Niall and Zayn. They nodded and Modest looked weird at me like I did the wrong thing, by talking to my friends in private, what did I tell you before? They were like the bloody police, they already knew it right, and by their looks they showed that they knew it. Scary as hell. The lads and I stood outside the door. They first looked at me and then they looked at Harry, maybe they could see that he had been crying. “What’s up mate.” Niall said and looked confused at me. “Do you remember 2 years ago?” I started by saying. “Yes why Louis?” Liam said concerned. “We can’t change.” I said and looked at Harry. Harrys eyes looked up in the celling. “Do you want to come out?” Zayn said with a smile. “Modest would never Tommo.” Niall said with a raspy clean voice. I know that Modest would never but still a try wouldn’t hurt would it? “We know but we can’t be away from each other, we must find a way to be us. To be gay.” Harry took us all by storm with saying that. I smiled at him and he smiled right back at me. “I love you.” I whispered. Niall laughed. They haven’t really been experiencing Larry since 2 years ago so it’s probably a change for them to. “Go for it then. Talk to Modest.” Liam smiled. “Group hug?” Niall laughed and we all stumbled in to an awkward group hug. “Harry don’t you dare do perverted stuff to me.” Zayn laughed, it made us all laugh. “Wait and see Zayn.” Harry whispered. “Let us go back in.” Liam said and we followed him back into the room with the bad wipe around the people I actually hate the most. MODEST! Eleanor smiled at me. Eleanor and me had a great friendship for 1 year now we have been together in a fake little relationship it haven’t made me stronger, it defiantly haven’t made Harry stronger but it made me realize something. Friendship. I got Eleanor, she is absolutely perfect, every boy in this world would be lucky with her and I will be lucky by having Harold by my. Hopefully. The fact that I didn’t knew Eleanor the first time she stepped into my door, the fact about I actually hated Eleanor at first, I felt like she took me away from what I loved the most but now I see her as a lifesaver, not I don’t want to come out of the dark shelter because I want too but I can’t. Things I can’t I need to stuck with for the band and Harry the same. Eleanor did something a lot of girls wouldn’t have done she came into a fake relationship just to help out other people from ruining other people. She made a whole life go the wrong way and I can’t thank her enough for that.


Harry looked at me and sat down on one of the chair between Paul our big man of a security and Lou our stylist. He started talking with them both and I saw a gate for me to get Phil and Kurt from Modest away from the whole group meeting room so I could talk to them and exactly that I did.

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