Things I can, things I can't - Larry stylinson

Things i can, things i can't -
"you never tried like us, you never had to hide like us" - Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are truely madly deeply in love with each other but management won't allow them to be together without hiding so they hide from the truth. Louis Tomlinson is living a doubble life with his love. He's having a beard Eleanor Calder, Harry hates it and tries to break Louis just like Louis breakes him by sleeping with kendall jenner once. Their love fades out and to concerts everything goes wrong. They fight. They hate. They love. At one point everything starts to be to much for Harry, to much to see Louis with Eleanor, to much pain. What will happend to Harry will he survive the pain?


9. Author note

This is unbelievable, wow! I can't thank you guys enough. 


I'm trying to upload everyday, i'm really trying and I hope you notice that. :)

The whole Larry thing is so hard to write like i could cry, those two boys are everything to me! I'm trying to be careful with my writing so it don't get to unrealistich! 


It's over very soon and that's sad! Don't cry like me hahha i don't think ANYONE can cry like me tho!

I love you! have a great holliday and new year! 

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