Looking Forward to Yesterday

A story about a Teenage girl whose life consists completely of ups and downs.


1. The beginning- Primary

Bang! A sound from outside my room awoke me. I moaned and arose rubbing my eyes clear from sleep. I looked around the four walls that is my room stopping my sight at the sign on my wall saying Amber in bold letters. Amber was my name and a crap one at that. I thought to myself " Why am I even bothering? Why even get up today?" It wasn't always like this, so empty, so broken. I walked to the bathroom brushing my teeth with my cheap blue toothbrush. I looked up into the mirror at was my own reflection. I has mid length brown hair, bright green eyes, slightly tanned skin and I was really tall. Quickly turning from the mirror and avoiding my morning reflection I looked out the window at the small bushland around me. I lived in a small town in Western Australia called Mainsway.  I walked back to my room and collapsed on my bed and thought back to everything, everything that made me this way, the beginning was first.

I was born on black Friday, maybe that was where my bad luck started. My mother was nineteen when she had me my dad only a few years older, later followed my brother, Brayden. Brayden was born on 29/12/1999 only 3 years younger than me. My childhood wan't the best growing up, there was nothing but troublesome life and pure craziness. I was in first grade when Brayden and I were sitting in the lounge room. My dad, Brain held my mother against the wall screaming words of cruelty and holding a clenched fist he swung hitting the wall next to her blonde and beautifully symmetrical face. Dad stormed out of the room yelling three words over and over like a song stuck on the chorus " I want to die!" jumping into the car he drove off speeding and weaving between trees.

Going to school wasn't a hard thing when I was a kid, there was nothing but hope ahead, I guess the hope fades as you grow older. In first grade there was no social status, no true hard work... just, well hope and happiness. 
"Amber!" My teacher yelled across the room with wandering eyes.
I walked over to see my Mum just outside of the doorframe which separated my classroom from the hallway.
"Hey baby, guess what we're going on a trip" Mum looked me in the eyes and said softly with a shaky voice. If you've ever looked someone in the eyes after something terrible had happened you'd know the feeling, the look of horror and the unknown in their eyes. Tears swell, their eyes wander as if they're as lost as the soul inside and that was the way my mother looked at me that very day, that very moment. Walking to the car I got in only to see packed bags, our dogs puppies and most of my belongings along with Brayden. I was young, just a child but I wasn't stupid, my fathers absence was noticed. This wasn't a ordinary trip it was a goodbye trip, one which would change a lot of things. My mother and Father had broken up and we moved in with my grandparents.

In 3rd grade my parents were still not together. In 3rd grade I was onto my second school, it was a private school and an intelligent one at that. My Mother worked late as a waitress, she struggled to pay for anything we really needed. 

( Unfinished and to be continued)

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