The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


8. The prophecy

We made it to cabin three. And it left me with my mouth hanging open. It was perfect the undersea cabin, it was hade of sea rock that looked like waves of color was going across it and on the door was a symbol of a trident. Stacy stopped in front of the door and said. “Chiron told me that before you leave you will have to visit the oracle.” “Ok.” “Um, Claire promise me that you will keep my fire powers secret. Swear on the river Styx!” I replied, “I swear on the river Styx that I will keep your secret. Happy?” Stacy nodded vigorously and ran off waving bye I waved back and I walked in and gasped. It was the prettiest cabin ever. It had a salt water fountain in the center of the room. I don’t know how I knew it was salt water but I think it’s a Poseidon power, I don’t know! But off to the corner was a reflecting pool that looked about fifty feet deep. And the fountain made the perfect rainbow. Then I saw in the fountain golden drachma clung to the bottom. I picked the bed right next to the fountain and flopped down. The bed felt so soft I just now realized how tired I was and I drifted off to sleep. And I had another nightmare. Lucky me! I was in a cavern and in front of was a man with black hair and grey streaks and his floral shirt looked almost white and his Bermuda shorts were also losing their color I knew who he was he was the one and only Poseidon god of the sea. He was bound by celestial bronze chains and he looked weak and miserable. The cave its self was a beautiful, crystals were embedded into the rock of the cave, and in the far corner was a hole in the ceiling that was pouring down water into a small lake. The lake was pure blue fresh water as clean as a whistle; there was stairs behind me running up somewhere. Poseidon muttered. “Those cursed Titans! Keeping me here!” Then i heard someone coming but then the dream faded and I woke up to Stacy staring at me and grinning. I looked out the window and it was dawn. Stacy said. “Morning sleepyhead! I figured I’d wake you up early so you could get ready.” I nodded and she continued. “I also made you this!” Her brown hair was a mess, bats under her eyes like she had been up all night. She handed me a celestial bronze banded bracelet with a blue gem in the middle and it almost resembled a swirl and said. “It’s a shield! It’s water proof, fire proof, and has a 99% probability of protecting you from electoral attacks.” “Um, Stacy how can it become a shield?” “Oh! That’s easy just say” And she whispered it in my ear and I nodded. I got up grabbed my backpack and it had everything I needed and I still had my locket on I said to Stacy. “Let’s go see the oracle!” And we got up and went. Stacy knocked on the door and we waited. Then Mr. D opened door and looked as grumpy as ever and said. “Come in.” We entered the living room and Chiron was waiting for us. Jade and Lyra were sitting on one of the sofas and then Chiron said. “Alright Claire the oracle is in the attic on the third flour. Just ask her a question about your quest and she’ll give you a prophecy. I nodded like I understood but truth be told I was confused as a blind man in a maze. But I walked up the steps to the attic. The attic if I could describe this in two words it would be old and dusty. And ahead of me was a mummy that wore a red dress with lots of beads she freaked me out. the mummy seemed to send a chill down my spine. I tried to find me voice it seemed to have left and hid I managed. “W-w-hat w-will h-happen on m-my q-quest to find Poseidon?” I managed to find my courage so I didn’t stutter. Then after a few minutes green spoke erupted from the mummy and a figure stood in the green smoke. Young and beautiful nut her was old and raspy she said. “ only a half blood can stop the old evil from rising. The choice that will decide their freedom. But a child of the underworld will take her own path. To stop the old rivals from war.” Then the green smoke disappeared and I went back downstairs.
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