The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


7. I receive a Quest

We walked into the big house living room and Chiron gestured for us to sit. Me and Jade sat down side by side and waited for Chiron to start speaking, and when he finally did his face looked stern as he spoke. “I’m afraid Lyra is upset. When I talked to her two weeks ago she said that Claire will get me through this but when you didn’t and started making friends and hanging out with other campers and ignoring well I believe she got jealous.” “Um… Chiron for a few weeks I’ve been having nightmares about my dad Poseidon being in a cage and moved somewhere different then his last location in my last dream before I was claimed actually before I even came to camp.” So I told them everything about my dreams and the sea feeling almost sad. When I was finished Chiron nodded and said to Jade. “The Hades cabin is complete Jade and so are the other cabins, for the minor gods. But that’s beside the point I’m afraid that according to Dionysus that Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon have gone missing but Hades did go missing for a while but has been returned to the underworld thanks to the hunters and Artemis. But Olympus is a wreck, everyone is looking.” Jade looked relieved that her dad had returned. “But” he continued. “Artemis, the hunters, and the other Olympians still can’t find the other three.” “So me, Jade, and Lyra have to go on a quest?” I said. Stacy came in and said. “Claire’s stuff has been moved!” She was wearing overalls filled with tools over her camp shirt and her camp necklace had ten beads on it and she was only seventeen. She was the senior officer for the Hephaestus cabin. Chiron gave her a look, she nodded and left. Chiron was in his wheelchair fyi (sorry! Forgot to mention that! I am so forgetful. –Author’s- note btw. And there’s going to be a lot of these so keep your eyes open! ;) Chiron continued and said. “We’ll send Claire on a separate Quest. But Lyra and Jade will work together. We will talk about sending you three each on a quest later. Stay here.” He ordered and left, after a few minutes I kept thinking, What’s going to happen? Then Lyra flared in and straightened and glared at me and said. “What are you doing here? You should be back in the Hermes cabin and wait how you are still alive!?” I said. “I am the daughter of Poseidon you air head!” “Oh, Hey!” Linda butted in, her beautiful red hair and blue eyes with her camp shirt and a pair of skinny jeans on seemed to I don’t know glow. “Calm down everyone calm down.” Her charmspeak worked and my feelings of anger turned into a calm tranquil feeling. Peter said. “I was sad to hear that you were claimed by Poseidon.” And Leah the senior officer of the Demeter cabin said. “Come on Claire, Jade I will show you to the rec room!” and she led us to the basement where we all gathered around a ping pong table and waited for Chiron. He came down after a few minutes and I sat in between Jade and Stacy. Chiron got right to the point about sending me, Lyra, and Jade on separate quest to find Zeus, Hera, and Poseidon. And that Jade and Lyra will work together and Stacy looked so furious that she could of beat anyone up but then I smelled smoke. I Looked down and saw her left hand ablaze I gasped Stacy said. “Has Claire agreed to this? Going on her own! What if something happens to her and no one can help her!” “Stacy! Please calm down. I hate sending Claire alone without help from anyone or anyone with her. But she is the only one who can breathe under water.” Stacy calmed down and she extinguished her hand in her pocket and sat back down. Then I spoke. “I agree to this. But I want to apologize to Lyra for the way I have treated her for the past two weeks and that if I ever come back I will be a better friend.” Linda was looking at Lyra and the fierceness in her eyes died down and she said. “I’m sorry I tried to kill you. And I was the horrible friend I have just been lonely.” Chiron said. “Anyone oppose?” No one raised their hand. “Alright tomorrow morning you three will leave ok! Night!” And we went to our cabins. Stacy said. “I will take you to cabin three!” And we trudged across the meadow to cabin three as Jade went to the next ring of cabins.
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