The Half Blood Legends: Daughter of Poseidon

Claire goes to a troubled school but she soon finds out that she's a demigod and that her father is. Sorry! got to keep that a secret! You'll just have to read to find out!


3. Camp half-blood

I sighed and muttered. “Next time I see Zeus I better tell him he better keep their till morning at least.” And got up to figure out where that roar came from. I shut my door as quietly as I could and slipped out into the dormitory all. The new girl’s and Lyra’s doors were both left wide open so I peered inside. Nothing was out of order and nothing was missing except for the owners of the rooms. I sighed and thought ‘Maybe they went to get a midnight snack.’ And I proceeded forward and I kept going and I looked in the kitchen, empty. ‘Great! My best friend and a weirdo are missing!’ When I made it to the main entrance I started to hear noises. Like a battle was going on, so I slipped out into the cool fresh air. And I was right, there was a battle. A girl that looked about sixteen or seventeen stood over a pile of gold dust. She had brown hair with an orange bandanna it hid most of her hair, it looked like her hair went up to her shoulder. She wore a brown leather belt and green pajamas along with slippers. She held a small bronze dagger and she was panting. And when she saw me she said. “Are you? Did you?” “No but I heard it after a weird dream with Ze” ‘Go with her to camp half-blood.’ “Go where? Camp half-blood?” I said. The girl though said. “How do you know about Camp half-blood? Oh Gods! I need to get all three of you there!” She whistled and a horse drawn chariot came up. The chariot was gold with spikes on the wheels, and the horses pulling weren’t horses after all. In fact they were pegasi, the girl shoved us on and shook the reins and we flew off. I felt horrible, I hated flying! Every noise that was made me feel even more nauseous. But before I could puke over the side of the chariot we landed among lush strawberry fields in front of us was a big blue house that looked about three stories with white lace. The girl said. “The names Stacy! I’m the daughter of Hephaestus.” Stacy yawned. “Alright lets go see it Chiron is up!” Jade, Lyra, Stacy, and I walked up to the houses wraparound porch and Stacy knocked no answer. She tried opening the door but failed. She cursed and pulled out a screw driver from her belt and got to work at the door. After three minutes Stacy cursed about three times and had tried knocking again. Then the door opened and a man answered. He wore a camp half-blood tee-shirt with red exercise shorts, Stacy smiled and said. “Morning Mr. D! Can you get Chiron for us? I have three new demigods.” She pointed over her shoulder to us. Mr. D nodded and gestured for them to come inside. We entered a living room with couches, chairs, and a fire place. Above the fireplace was a leopard head that looked …alive? Mr. D walked into a room and shut the door. After a few minutes of waiting a man in a wheel chair came out of a side room and said. “Stacy! I didn’t except you to go get them till morning? But alas you did and that’s what grateful I’m for. But you snuck out! You will punished for that.” We had white hair and gentle blue hairs. I assumed he was Chiron and Stacy said. “Sorry.” “At least you’re safe. And now the matter of you three. You! Please come here?” He pointed at the new girl she walked up to him and he said. “What’s your name?” She said. “Jade.” “Show me your arm?” Chiron asked and she did. It had a four barcode line and SPQR on her forearm and I just noticed the symbol above it was… weird. ‘Huh. Her name’s Jade. And what is with the tattoos?” I thought. Chiron gasped and let go of her arm. He said. “You’re the… the … the… daughter… of Hades!” Jade said. “No, Pluto.” Stacy said. “Chiron!” She ran over to him and checked to see if he was alright; she wheeled him over to the fire and started fanning him. He looked pale, she said. “Mr. D gets him a drink please! Fine! I’ll do it myself!” and she stormed off. Me and Lyra ran over to Chiron and he started to look better. I said. “Hey. What happened back there? You looked terrified!” “Never mind! Just, Stacy! Take these three to cabin 11!” “Ok!” She ran out of where she was and we followed her to the cabin
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