Thicker than Water


3. Chapter 3


      Since im younger than niall, (ME: 16 NIALL: 19) he said that im his Little Sister. 3 years apart.

Its been a Month later, GOOOD NEEWS!!  im dating Zayn! he loves me like I was the only girl alive. "Im going out!" 

  I was walking in the middle of the streets, and There was a little werewolf trying to get into garbage,i ran over there and helped Her. she turned back to human. "Are you ok?" i asked. 

"Ya-ah." she said like she was scared. "Dont be scared, Im one of you. Now, lets  take you to my place, What's Your Name?" i asked.  "My-My Name is Ella." we were walking to nialls house and Zayn was out side the house, looking for someone. "Zaynn?" i yelled, He ran towards me.

"Hello Kitten. Who's this?" he asked "This is Ella, She's a werewolf, i found her in the garbage."

"Well Ella, Would You like to stay with us?"  "Yes, Please."

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