The highbird games

This is the one day a year where tears fall and punches are thrown humans are rear and high birds are common there are highbirds witch are werewolfs/vampires. There are crosshighbirds werewolfs/vampire/eagle and the extremely rear werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid rose dalkson and jone dalkson's daughter Hannah is picked and she is a werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid
So let the 125 highbird games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor


2. Train ride

Hannah pov

A soft hum comes from the crowd Han-Hann-Han-haa-/ and people start

puting thare three middle fingers to thare 

lips and a sign of respect tears come to my eyes I'm a well known 

highbird hear and people believe in me. The girl that started the hum was my

sister she was a werewolf. Peacekeepers draged her out the crowed "NOO NO NO DONT AHHHHHHHHH NO" I screem fidnink runs at them he is an werewolf/vampire he uses vampire speed but peacekeepers grab him thay are not alowd to Hirt him I make a run for my 11 year old sis. peacekeepers try to grab my arms but I slip out and I push off of the 

grownd and fly to my sister thay aim a gun at her head "NOOOO DONT I HATE YOU AHHHHHH FUCK YOU" I screem I drop down ready to save her when

A sleeping dart is dug in to my arm the venom running through my vains I fell it hit my brain and

i black out gust in time for me to hear a gun shot. My only sister is Dead.

i awake in a white room strapped to a bed and and needle in my arm it easily slip out the 

straps and gerk up my body has gust terned in to water

i rip the needle out and it falls to the floor and I tall with it.

my only sister is Dead.Gone. Water marks are on the floor and bed but I don't rilly care it gust

means I have learnt a power the room comes to a hold and I fly across the room 

and in to the wall I rub my head and get up I grab the needle and slowly walk out 

fidnick is siting with an man who looks around 30-35  and the girl with butterfly's on her is siting drinking tea evry one looks up at me 

the man says "well hello buttercup finally up come a goin " I drop the needle and I smashes 

on the floor I grow my wings and lunge at him he grows a set of baby blue wings and defends himself " ok ok let's save the energy for training " I look up at him my brown eyes stere at his blue and I sigh and I sit on the padded seat and rap my wings around my body for safety 

the train comes to a holt fidnick runs up to the window "look at the city it's so big ha look at the people" I goin him and for show cas evry one is watching kiss him with tungh my tungh dances with him "well we've got a lovely couple hear ...buttercup" says the guy "what's your name "I say nicely he smiles and says " hamish " 

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