The highbird games

This is the one day a year where tears fall and punches are thrown humans are rear and high birds are common there are highbirds witch are werewolfs/vampires. There are crosshighbirds werewolfs/vampire/eagle and the extremely rear werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid rose dalkson and jone dalkson's daughter Hannah is picked and she is a werewolf/vampire/eagle/mermaid
So let the 125 highbird games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor


1. Picked

Hannah's pov

i stand in the packed crowed. of my district 5 a girl with a butterfly dress walks up 

"welcome welcome district 5 now let's do the girls" she walked to the girls bowl a tear falls 

down my cheek "our girl tribute is Hannah dalkson ... Hannah Hannah were are you" I fall to my knees my death is so soon I don't stand a chance I don't know how to use any of my powers 

my mum and dad run to me but are taken away to a room with a huge tv to watch my death

i pick my self up a fly to the plat form all I can do is fly so may as we'll show it off

butterfly girl smiles at me and terns back to the crowed "and the boys .... Fidnick drake "I gasp my boyfriend is going to die with me he runs up crying

and hugs me and gives me a quick kiss "we will win " he says

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