Kiss me

This is a story about a boy called Harry, and a girl called Ali who had an extreme need to kiss eachother because it made them feel complete.


3. Chapter 1 - The Date

Kiss me – Chapter 2


Settle down with me, cuddle me up, cover me in...“



Harry picked me out at 8 as he promised. Niall and Kait were already in the car. I sat on the back with Kaitlyn. I gave her a hug and asked „ So where are we going?“

„It's a surprise“ Niall said with a wide grin on his mouth.

I just set by and listened to the music that was playing pretty loud from the speakers. When we arrived to the „secret“ place, Harry gave me and Kait eye blinders.

„We'll help you walk, don't worry“ he laughed. His laugh was one of the best sounds on earth. He looked majestic, free, careless and genially happy.

„Ali? Are you coming?“ Harry snapped me out of my trance.

„Um... Yeah I'm coming.. Wait let me.. Just get out...“ He laughed, again.

„Stop laughing!“ I cut him off as he walked me towards the place.

The road was rocky and slightly steep. This place better be good because my feet were hurting as I was wearing flats.

„You can take them off now“ Niall said almost shouting. Jesus we are not deaf, but that was Niall, the loud and funny kid everybody loved.

I took my eye blinder off. The view in front of me was the beach, few chandeliers and a blanket with some food, flowers and plates on it.

„This is beautiful!“ Kaitlyn and I squealed in unison. And it was. Really.

I looked over to Harry. There was a huge smile on his face, to be honest, I never saw him this happy. I walked towards him and opened my arms to lean in for a hug as I did.

„You like it babe? Niall wanted a normal date at a restaurant or something, but I thought this would be more romantic“ He looked down to his feet, probably blushing.

I took his chin and lifted his head up so he was facing me now. I leaned in for a kiss. He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed back. The kiss was so passionate, showing how much he loved me. I don't want this to end, ever. Us two, loving each other like crazy, every day more. Harry was the best thing that ever happened to me, since I had a really hard childhood. My mum died when I was 12. The years before weren't better though, but I was too young to understand some stuff.  Since then my father started drinking and often he would come home drunk and beat me up. I had to hide money from him so we have some left for food and other supplies. At the age of 18 I moved away from my father and now I have my own house. I still don't have a work, though I'd need to get one so I can give all the money my aunt Karen gave me. She always says I don't have to, because she doesn't need it but I'll try to give back at least a third.

Harry pulled out of the kiss and we walked towards Niall and Kaitlyn who were waiting for us. We talked a lot, about random stuff. I loved this and we should really do it more often.

„Knock, knock“Oh no. Not the knock knock jokes again.

„Who's there?“ Kait said.

„Barbie“ Harry, please. Stop.

„Barbie who?“ I joined them. Oh well...

„Barbecue!“ Harry shouted and we laughed a bit. We always laughed, probably because his jokes were lame, but he was my dorky boyfriend and I loved him more than anything.

„It's getting late, isn't it? Let's pick up the stuff and head home, yeah?“

„Oh shut up Niall! I heard you two talking“ Harry laughed teasing Niall.

Niall gave him a look that was both saying stop and looking amused. We picked up all the stuff and got into the car. Harry first drove Niall and Kaitlyn home. We were alone in his car now.

„Do you want to come to my place?“ I asked.

„Um, yeah, let me just text my parents“

Harry parked his car in the driveway in front of my house. I opened the door and when I heard a loud click sound I opened it and we both got in. I turned on the lights as Harry went to sit on the couch in the living room.

„I'll just change my clothes“ Harry nodded and looked for something to watch on TV. I sat down right next to him and he pulled me into his arms. We didn't even watch whatever was showing on TV because we were too busy cuddling, kissing and enjoying each other’s company.


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Love, Paola 

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