The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


2. Chapter Two

Scar's P.O.V

"come on lets go and meet the boys already" Michael yelled from the kitchen.

this is the first time i'm meeting the boys, well all of them i've only met Ashton, but that was a long time ago. i have always been nervous to meet the rest of them because i have kind of always had a little crush on Luke, and i don't want him to think i'm weird or anything, Michael knew because i told him everything.

" Hurry up" he screamed

"Coming" i yelled from the bathroom.

We got in the car and I drove us to Starbucks

(at Starbucks)

"what would you like?" a young lady said behind a dirty coffee stained counter.

"I would like a..." i was cut off by a small scream that escaped her mouth, as Michael came up to me, she must be a fan.

"can i have an autograph" she calmed herself down enough to say.

"um sure, Whats your name beautiful?" he charmingly said.

"Clarissa" she said so faintly

"MICHAEL" someone screamed from behind us, it was Ashton.

we both walked over to the table of boys, "guys this is my sister Scarlet, Scar for short"

he introduced me, the first one to greet me was Ashton,he stood up and hugged me " long time no see, how have you been"

"I've been good, and you?" i said.

Second to greet me was Luke he stood up and let me sit down, "hi i'm Luke, Nice to meet you"

"Ooo looks like someone has a crush on Scar" the boys mocked making me blush, i could feel myself go crimson red.

Third to greet me was Calum, "hi, i'm Calum, i like your hair"

"UH thanks" i said nervously.

" I have some news" Ashton said breaking the silence

"What?" i questioned him

"Niall will be meeting us here" he said

Demi's P.O.V

seeing the boys again is going to be awesome, i haven't seen them in so long i miss them coming to see me on my birthday and for christmas or just coming over to be idiots, now that i live in Australia that doesn't happen a lot, it didn't happen until they were one direction, but it was good for the small time it happened.

"DEMI!" the boys screamed and group hugged me, squishing me until i couldn't breathe.

they never treated me like a girl but also not like a guy, they thought of me as an equal.

"can you please let me breathe" i questioned, Harry decided to step in "guys let her breathe, get off her!"

"Thank you, Harry"

" aww ruin the fun much, Harry" Niall complained.

Niall came up to me as the boys started to attack each other like boys do and "fight" (play fighting of corse) he kissed me on the cheek, and said "how have you been?"

"good,how is the band and the touring?" i questioned him.

'good, but i miss you and the family."

i got what he meant i missed my family too but i had to move to Australia to much drama in England, plus i needed a change in scenery.

"Guys i am going to be late" he said.

"oh yeah off you go" Liam said

" have fun and say hi to the boys for me" louie screamed as niall left.

Harry's P.O.V

"where is he going" Demi asked me

"he is going to meet up with the 5sos boys" i answered "do you know who they are?"

" um, yeah of corse i do, they toured with you how am i supposed to forget that?" she said sarcastically .

"Okay, okay chill just asking"

Brr Brr....

can i have your daughter for the rest of my life, say yes say yes,

cause i need to know, you say ill never get your blessing,

till the day i die tough luck my friend

but the answer is no,

why you gotta be so rude.

"What was that?" Zayn questioned

"um isn't that Luke's ring tone?" I said

Brr Brr......

can i have your daughter for the rest of my life, say yes say yes,

cause i need to know, you say ill never get your blessing,

till the day i die tough luck my friend

but the answer is no,

why you gotta be so rude.

"There it is again" Demi said

"look for the phone" Liam Ordered.

After about half an hour of searching Demi found it between the couch

"GOT IT" she screamed, "missed calls from Mikey, who's that?" she asked

"um, dude that is Michael from 5SOS" Louis informed her.

"Ring it and say we found the phone" Zayn suggested.

"okay, i will" I said.

Luke's P.O.V

I borrowed Mikey's phone to call mine I had lost it the previous day when we were hanging out with the boys at Harry's house.

Brrrr Brrrr Brrr Brrrr.....

"Mikey my phone is calling yours haha" i said

"Answer it then" he said

Luke: "Hello?"

Harry: "hey Luke, its Harry we found your phone, you left it here from last time, my sister found it."

Luke:" okay thanks, say thank you to your sister for me."

Harry: "thank her yourself"

*Puts Demi on phone*

Demi: "Hello?"

Luke: "so you stole my phone...?"

Demi: "umm ahhh no i found it..."

Luke: "just joking thanks so much, hope i will be seeing you soon to thank you in person, anyway I've got to go, bye"

Demi: "bye"

*hangs up*

Demi's P.O.V

(Next day)

Knock knock



"It's Harry, we are going somewhere get dressed"


I put on my black batman t-shirt, i slid on my light purple skinny jeans and put my blue converse on,

i put light make up on and put my hair up in a messy bun.

"Where are we going?" i questioned.

"its a surprise" he said with a smirk

argh, he knows i hate surprises i am the most curious person alive and i hate being surprised!

i grab an apple and my keys and we leave. "I guess you are driving today?" i said

"yeah, is there a problem!" he asked

"nope but are we picking the boys up or...?"

"they are meeting us there" he explained

Scar's P.O.V

Beep Beep Beep,

i heard my alarm go off for the fucking third time today, maybe a should get out of bed and get ready.

i put my nirvana top, skinny jeans and chucks on, before i ran out the door to the airport.

you're probably wondering why I'm going to the airport, you see my twin sister Courtney is coming to stay at Demi and my apartment as she's visiting from Melbourne.

I haven't seen her in months, we are surprising Michael by visiting him and the boys at the studio.

Flight 219 from Melbourne, has just landed.

I think that's Courts flight, I can't wait to see her.

"SCAR!" I heard someone scream from behind me, I turn around to see my sister on the other side of the massive line of people waiting for their bags.

"COURT!" I bolted for her screaming, I jumped and hugged her, "did you miss me?" She asked

"No, not at all" I said

We laughed as I noticed a tall handsome boy standing behind her, I recognised him, it was Taylor Henderson, why was he with my sister.

I pulled her aside and asked "why is Taylor Henderson with you?"

She responded "we are dating, we have been since Jayden and I moved to Melbourne, Jayden is here too he is in the bathroom".

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