The Secret

Can secrets always be kept?
How long will the secret last before it ruins friendships?
By penguin and Clifford and Melissalovespenguins
The story is crappy at the start.... it gets better.... I promise.


7. Chapter Seven

scar's P.O.V

Everyone go and sit in the lounge and ill go get Luke and Niall

'Okay we will get the popcorn ready" Ash and Cal said

"we will put the fire out" Louis and Zayn said

"Ill pick the movie then" Liam said

" Um, Okay" I said walking up the stairs

before I open the door I hear Niall and Luke talking.

"so do you like her?" Niall asked

"yeah, I cant though, she is his sister" -Luke

"talk to him about it" -Niall

"um, I don't think that will go very well"-Luke

"why did he hit you?"-Niall

"because I tackled her, I was trying to get my beanie back and well, he came put when I was pining her down" -Luke

"Um, that was a bad...." Niall was cut off by me entering the room.

"Uh, Hi Scar" Luke said

"hi, we are starting the movie now, Niall can you take those pillows downstairs and ill help Luke down" I said

"okay" he replied

"um, are you feeling ok?" I asked him


Luke's P.O.V

how am I feeling I'm feeling stupid, confused and dizzy but I cant tell her that.

"I'm still a bit dizzy, But I'm getting better" I said

my feeling for her grew and grew, I needed to do something about it, embrace it or forget it, they were my options and I also have to have Michael's approval and I don't think I'm getting that anytime soon.

"that's good you are feeling better" she said with a smile

I couldn't she looked so beautiful I had to act, My brain said yes and my body followed, next thing i knew our lips were touching and she wrapped her hands around my neck, i felt the spark immediately and that moment both was a good thing in my life but also might have just ruined it.

"um" she said

"sorry, did you not ......"

"no it was, um...yeah" she said awkwardly


Scar's P.O.V

i was just sitting there and he just grabbed me out of no where and kissed me, it was amazing, how is it that a normal girl like me gets him Luke Hemmings, the kiss was perfect, as i wrapped my arms around his neck i was hesitant weather i should stop or not, i just went with it, it was different to most kisses, this one felt both right and wrong at the same time, i wanted to kiss him but i didn't want it to cause Michael to go crazy again and hurt him even more than he already has.

I quickly took the blankets and i helped Luke down the stairs, he went and sat with Ashton and Cal, I went and sat next to Demi.

Demi's P.O.V

I could tell something was up when is saw the look in her face when she came down stairs, she was angry when she went up to get Luke and really happy when she came down, I must know.

I stand up and say " anyone want a drink?"

"Yeah" everyone said

"Scar a little help please" I said

We walked into the kitchen and I turn around to her and say "okay what happened when you went to your room?"

" I can't tell you" she said

"Tell me!" I say angrily

"Okay, okay, Luke..... Kissed me" she whispered to me

She was so happy and I was faking my happiness for her, because if Michael found out from anyone it would be a giant mess, I think I should tell him

"Um, what are you going to do about Michael." I asked

"What do you mean?" She questioned

"What if he finds out"

"He won't because no one is telling him" she said defensively

"Okay" i said as we finished getting the drinks, we went over and handed everyone what they wanted and I was going to sit down again and I noticed Michael had moved into Scars spot and scar moved to Michaels, as if she was trying to make me sit next to him, so I sat next to him and Liam put the horror movie on (it had clowns in it and I'm not to fond of clowns) when a really scary part with a clown came up I freaked out and hid behind Michael.

"Are you okay?" He whispered

" uh... Yeah" I said

"She doesn't like clowns, Michael" scar whispered to him

" why didn't you just say so, if you get scared hold my hand" he whispered so soft so only I could hear, I pull a blanket up because I was cold, he stole the other end until we were sharing a blanket, another jump scare came up and it was like 4 clowns do I grabbed Michael in fear and shut my eyes and hugged his waist, as my head was lying on his chest, he grabbed one of my hands and held and whispered "it's okay,you can stay like that if you want to,if you are scared I mean"

"Uh sorry, um yeah okay" I said

We sat there and movie after movie I got tired, I started to fall asleep and so did Michael, we slept on the couch with my arms wrapped around his waist and his arms wrapped around me.

Luke's P.O.V

I hear Demi ask everyone If they wanted drinks, I thought nothing of it, until she asked scar to help her.

I kept staring at them as they talked in the kitchen, I saw the look on Scars face after she whispered something to Demi, and then a I saw the look on Demi's face, she looked angry at Michael and looked scared, I knew they were talking about the kiss, I couldn't help it, it wasn't my fault, If anything it was her fault for looking like that, she didn't have to be so nice a sweet to me and look so beautiful, I know that Demi is going to say something to Michael but I couldn't care less I liked her a lot and if he had a problem with that then he can talk to me instead of punching me.

My head fucking hurts, I think I should go to bed, scar did say I could sleep in her bed.

I glanced over at Demi and Michael and saw the way they were sleeping, arms wrapped around each other I wanted that with Scar.

I don't get how he can be like that with Demi and Harry doesn't get angry but when it comes to Scar, Michael gets pissed off and I don't think he asked Harry.

I walk up stairs when no one was looking and found my way to scars room, I walked in found the bed and stripped down to my boxers and crawled into bed.

Scar's P.O.V

I was talking to Harry about the kiss and it was odd it seemed Like everyone was worried about how Michael would feel if he knew or how he would react but not how I felt or anything about it just 'how do you think Michael will take it.'

I know he wouldn't take it very well, he didn't take playful tackling for a beanie well, that nearly ended in cops arresting him so how was he going to feel about the kiss.

"Harry can I tell you something?"

"Yeah, of course" he answered

"Umm, Luke kissed me and I don't know what to do about it" i told him

"How do you think Michael will take it?" He asked

" not very well" I said

"Well, no one should tell him until everything blows over okay?"

"Okay" I agreed.

I knew Harry wouldn't say anything, he is the kind of person who pushes you to say something instead of saying it for you.

After the movie had ended, the boys were talking, court and Taylor said they were going to bed and Demi and Michael were sleeping on the couch, Court and Taylor saw them and took a photo, the flash went off and it caught Harry's attention very quickly, his head turned right around a saw Demi and Michael sleeping on the couch together and he looked so pissed off but he did nothing, why can't Michael be like him.

Jayden and I walked up the stairs to my room and he went over to the couch and crashed I got into my pjs which are short shorts and a tee, I put my hair up ( I did all this in the dark) and hopped into bed and I was fast asleep.


Harry's P.O.V

I woke up, from sleeping on a very uncomfortable lounge room floor and I see Michael and Demi still sleeping on the couch together, I have to do something about this, she is to young to be dating and especially not a mate of mine.

"Oi, Michael, get up" I say

"what" he says waking up slowly, not knowing Demi was still laying on top of him.


"Fuck!" She says getting up and running outside,


"Um, Yeah" he said nervously

Michaels P.O.V

Why, why did I let her sleep on me, why did I feel obligated to comfort her, she is so beautiful and she got the better of me and I might have just blown any chance with her by getting her brother mad. this morning could have gone better.

I look around to see everyone is still sleeping so I wake them up and ask if the boys want pancakes, they said yes, I walked up stairs and knocked on Demi's door to see if anyone asleep in there would want pancakes, no one was there so I walked into scars room and woke Jayden up, then I was just about to wake scar up when I see Luke in bed with my sister, my anger is growing and growing to the point where I couldn't hold it in any longer.


Scars P.O.V

I wake up to Michael screaming,


I sat straight up and ask him what he was talking about and he says

"Why is he in your bed?"

I look over and see A half naked Luke in my bed, I jump back and fall out of bed, he wakes up and looks surprised.

"What are you doing in my sisters bed" Michael asked

" she said I could sleep here I didn't know she came into the bed last night, I went to bed before everyone else" Luke said nervously

"Get dressed and I want to talk to you down stairs" Michael said to Luke.

Luke's P.O.V

"Shit!" I said

"It's okay, we didn't do anything, he knows I wouldn't, especially with Jayden in the room." She says

"So you wouldn't do anything, oh, um okay?" I said, mentally face palming myself for even saying that.

"Uh,well, that's not what I meant..."she said nervously and also being interrupted by Jayden saying

"Luke get dressed he wants to talk, hurry up!"

"Luke don't go, he is just going to start another fight" Scar said

"It's okay" I said knowing that it wasn't.

I walk down stairs and see Michael standing in the lounge room, he had been waiting for me, I look around and I notice all the boys are missing, I think they went outside, which gives Michael the advantage. "You wanted to talk?" I questioned him

"Yeah, it's about scar..." He said calmly

Here we go again he is going to lecture me, " I don't mind you dating my sister as long as you treat her right and you don't do what happened up there, I noticed that I can be over protective and if I didn't apologise I would be a hypocrite, so, I'm sorry and I give you permission as long as that never happens again, okay?" He said. "Yeah, thank you" I said giving him a hug.










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