High School

Michelle has just started high school and is feeling confident in standing her ground, until she meets a boy...


2. Day One- Part 2

I am walking to first period and I sit down in the middle of the class next to one of my good friends Jenni, she's super funny and smart but not athletic at all like I am. We get into a in depth converstation about the boat trip I went on this weekend and any hook ups we had. The next thing I realize the teacher is standing in the front of the room and to my right is one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen. He has dark brown hair and green eyes you could stare into for days. 

"Hey I'm Richard, everyone calls me Richy though, what's you name?" This misterious boy says out of nowhere. He is wearing khaki brown crago shorts and a navy blue shirt with a nike swoosh on it. He has bright red vans on to complete the look. 

"Hi, I'm Shelly short for Michelle." I reply. What a stupid answer.... UGHH. 

"Welcome to English 1-2, be ready to work hard this year..." blah blah blah you get the jist of what Mrs. Unami was telling us. 

"So can I talk to you later?" Richy asks in a lower tone voice then before. 

"Of course, I'll find you during lunch?" 

"How about we meet somewhere?"

"EXCUSE ME, MS O'CONNER AND MR LOPEZ DO NOT TALK DURING A LECTURE" Mrs. Unami intrupts our converstation.

We both nod, "Just text me," and I hand him a small piece of paper with my number on it. I see him smile a little and we go back to listening to the welcome to English class speach of death, I almost fell asleep twice. 


We go through the next couple periods in a breeze and I pass Richy in between 3rd and 4th period, I smile at him but he's with his friends so I don't expect anything. He actually smiled back... OMG. All I can think about throughout Choir class is the amazing smile I just saw before I came in. After a long period of DO RE MI's the lunch bell rings. 

BUZZ. I have recieved a text,

"Hey Shelly, I am right next to the student store" it's from Richy.  

"Okay be there in a sec" is my response. 

I rush down the hall and into the quad, holey that's a lot of people, I will need to get used to this. I find the student store and Richy standing there looking on his phone and eating a piece of pizza with his other hand. I laugh and walk over. 
"Holaaaaa" I say with a cheeky smile... I hope I don't look ridiuclous. 

"How was your last couple of periods?" He asks.

"They were desent, I can say that I may die in the last couple classes if I need to listen to another 'this is what we will be doing in this class' speach" I reply in a bored tone.

"Yeah me too. What's your next two classes?" He questions curiously. 

"I have math and PE, why do you ask?" 

"Who do you have for PE?" He keeps going with more questions haha.

"I have Leen. Why?" I ask. 

"I'll see you in PE, I'm sorry but I have to go all my friends are freaking out... I'll cya in PE" He tells me with a disappointed frown and a wink at PE. I think he is a least 5'11 compared to my 5'4 that's over 1/2 a foot. And he is toned with muscles. I wonder what sports he plays as a wander back to my group of friends across the quad. 

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