Suidicial Girl

Hey guys I am the author of Harry,My addiction <3 and this is my life story and im adding in the One Direction stuff so yea..


6. They Know Everything

Harry's POV

Adri.. wake up' I say tired 'HARRY~!!! OH THANK GOD!' 'Adri are you okay?' 'Yea, Just a night mare'

We both fell back asleep in each others arms. I woke up around 10 and didnt see Adriana there. I look at my phone and see a text To~Harry From~Adri <3 Hey I just went out to buy some thing. I'll be back around 10 or 10:30. I sighed looking at the message and going on twitter. I saw that people were starting to hate on each and every one of the girls, just because we all are going out with each other. I really hope Adri doesn't see it, if she does, she will be torn. Time passed and she finally came home around 10:30. She had bought food and a bag from Walmart. I could tell she was mad about something, but i didnt know what. "Adriana, whats wrong?" "N-Nothing, j-just, I dont think we-" and before she finished, she exploded with tears.  "We can't stay together" she finally spilled. I was shocked I felt streams of tears go down my face. "W-what why?" "My dreams are coming true, my old bullies know everything, and if we don't break  up, they will hurt me. But there's more, they said that they will not just hurt me, they will hurt you."  "Adri, I will protect you, I will not let them touch you" I said still crying. "Harry, They will hurt you!" she said. "I promise i'll be careful, but we are not breaking up!" I say. 

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