Suidicial Girl

Hey guys I am the author of Harry,My addiction <3 and this is my life story and im adding in the One Direction stuff so yea..


2. My Life Is A Living Hell

Adriana's Pov

Hi guys I'm Adriana but people call me Adri and this is my story.I am A brunette with dip dyed hair to blonde and its wavy,I have green eyes and im a tall girl. I have been bullied ever since the 3rd grade and im a suidicial girl. I cut and I tried to commit suicide 7 times-yes 7 times is alot and im lucky to be alive n shit,but i shouldnt be alive.I am too fat and too ugly for anyone My life is a living Hell. Ever since i posted that suicide video on youtube i got a few people who care but still hate.Why can't I just die?and i don't have parents because They died in a crime scene so yea.I only have 4 Best friends and whenever thay can,they protect me.

I am going to go back to California because I was visiting my uncle in Florida with my friends (Maya Sara Jesse and Sophie).

We all have a lil group called Little Direction because we love One Direction so we made a girls group. My guy is Harry,Maya's guy is Zayn Sara's Guy is Niall,Jesse's guy is Louis,and Sophie's guy is Liam.(They don't have girlfriends)

We like to do covers of their songs and post them all over-sometimes even on their twitters ;) I hope they have seen our music video for story of my life :D.

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