If You Dare

Cat Elizabeth Malfoy. She is the unknown older sister if Draco Malfoy. She disgraced the Malfoy family, and her father was going to kill her. She escaped and, went to live with Sirius Black. When Sirius Black died she had nowhere to go, when they finally tracked her to Grimwald Place, they found a note with her initials, saying: Find me. If you dare.


1. Prologue

I walked swiftly, down the long corridor. It was decorated with statues of many snakes, and there were banners of Slytherin everywhere. I passed Dobby, and I whispered an order for him to grab my pack from my room, and place it by the stairs. I stood by the closed door. I couldn't see through it, but I knew my father was there. My brother, Draco, passed me and smirked. "Well," he said smugly, "today might be the day, I never have to see your filthy face again." I gripped my wand hilt tightly. "Well, same goes for you." I replied smoothly. "And even though I'm leaving, at least I wasn't bested in everything by a Mudblood." Draco' face contorted with rage and I smiled.

"You dare-"Draco started.

"What?" I snapped, "tell the truth?"

"Especially that." Said a silky voice behind me. I turned and glared at a man standing behind me. Luscious Malfoy. "If we all told the truth, I'd be in Azkaban."

"Good riddance." I grumbled.

"Now now," Draco said behind me, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "Is that any way to treat your father?"

"Draco, I swear to god, one more word and I will hex you so much, you'll think the time you tried to kill my owl will be a picnic." Draco shut up immediately. I couldn't blame him. When he did that, I hexed him about 50 times along with doing a curse, that I made up, so no one knew the counter curse, that made you have bad luck. He had bad luck, until our Aunt Bellatrix made me undo it. And by made, I mean, she used the crustiuos curse until I undid it.

"And, I'll treat him however the bloody hell I want." I finished. My dad clicked his tongue, and ushered me inside. He placed his hand on my shoulder to guide me to the door. "I can walk by myself, thank you very much." I snapped and marched ahead. My dad slammed the door and turned to look at me. The room had a large table that sat at least 25 people. There were columns, with muggels holding up the pillars. Like the hallway, it was decorated with many stone snakes and at the front of the room, there was a giant banner of Slytherin.

"You filthy little lying blood traitor!" He hissed at me. I stood there, not meeting his, eyes, but appearing to be board. I found out, it is a very affective way of annoying him. "You told that Weasly about the diary, didn't you?"

"Oh, I suppose." I said airily.

"You were supposed to be loyal to Voldermort and to me!" He roared. "You betrayed us!" I looked at him. My dark brown eyes piercing into his cold blue eyes.

"Yes I did." I said calmly, ignoring his usually calm, casual, cold face, that was now contorted with rage. "And i am not sorry for what I did, and if you brought me in here to apologize, it's not going to happen." My dad sighed.

" I was afraid that was going to happen." He said, taking out his wand. People emerged from the shadows. "Well, we can't have you spilling our secrets to the world, Can we?"

"No, I suppose not" I said airily. 12 people pointed their wands at me, and The room was filled with a green light, but I wasn't there. I appeared on the other side of the room and I laughed. A sharp cold laugh that's echoed around the room. I pulled out my own wand and bought five of them down at once, with a useful spell, I had invented and practiced that morning Soon we were dueling. Our wands flashed like swords. I was filled with excitement, and I laughed. I laughed and laughed, like a maniac, and my enemies backed up uncertainly. Soon, only me and Luscious were left. "Expellaramus!" I roared, and finally his wand flew out of his hand, and landed a few feet away from me. I glared at him with so much hatred. I could do it now. I could kill him . But even I wasn't that evil. I glared at him. "Don't even think about trying to find me again." I growled, and I burst out of the doors startling Draco. I pushed past him, and grabbed my backpack, that Dobby had left for me, and stepped outside the doors to freedom. I knew Lusious was going to look for me, but it didn't matter. For now, I was free.

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