The new girl

New girl named amy who goes to and meet her BFF Sammy Amy starts to fall for one of the bad boys Niall and she goes from good girl to bad girl


6. still on bring it on

" do u want to come to my swimming party " I asked Sam " what day " she asked " Friday " I told her " sure " she yelled the who class per we talked about the party


At lunch Niall was walking by and just looking and me up and down so i got up and walked over to him and smashed my lips into his soft lips that are just to die for I tough he was going to pull away but he just kissed back and I pulled away from him " I am so sorry I just didn't know how to act when I woke up so I left " I told him he just smiled and said " it's ok babe " " babe what ? " I asked " my nick name for you " he said and kissed me agin I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his hand on my butt " how about you come to my house tonight and we can have a little"..........

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