The new girl

New girl named amy who goes to and meet her BFF Sammy Amy starts to fall for one of the bad boys Niall and she goes from good girl to bad girl


1. first day

Amy pov•

Hi my name Is Amy I have red hair with pink tips I have blue eyes I am 5"6" I am 16 years old I have freckles under my eyes I am really skinny not that I think I am but people say I am I guess.

I woke up to my mom telling at me to get up for schoo in know its my first day and all and I am going to be late I know. I opened my eyes And roll out of bed . "Get up now before I go in there and drag you to school on your first day of school In your pjs" my mom yells at me. " ok ok I am up are you happy" I yell back . "Yes yes I am " said my mom. I walk to the shower and turns it on I striped down and got in I put some shampoo in my hair and washed it out the I put some conditioner in my hair I left in In well I shaved my legs when I was done with that I washed out the conditioner in my hair. I got out and dry ed my self off I walked out of the bathroom and to my closet it was raining out side so I picked out a cute pink long sleeve shirt they had a cute out heart in the back with some black leggings and brown boots. I walked back to my bathroom and started to put some make up on I did smoky eye and put some pink lipstick on with some mascara. I curled my hair and rolled two parts of my hair and pined it back I look like a crown a little bit. I ran down stairs and grab ed my backpack and my phone it was 7:25 and school started at 8:30 so I had time to eat some food and walk to school . I guess I am not going to be for school.

After I eat my food I got all my stuff once again . " bye mom " I yelled . But there was no answer so I just left I was walking when I unlocked my phone to see what time it was and it was 8:45 my moms clock must be wrong . Oh well they will under stand it's my first day . When I got to school I went to the office and ask for my schedule the lady in the front desk gave it to me

Per 1• math

Per 2• history

Per 3• science

Per 4• language

Per 5• art

Per 6• cooking

Per 7• PE

I went to per one and as I walked inside the room I notice and big group of boys one of them caught my eye he had blond hair with these eyes that were just to dye for . The teacher told me to take a set I was walking to the back of the room the group of boys whistled at me I started to blush but I stopped I just glared at them there was one more open set next to this girl who was really pretty she had blond hair with green eyes . " hey is this seat taken " I ask her . " no and hello what is your name mine is Sammy " she said . " Amy nice to meet you " I said " no prob. Do u need some one to show you around the school ? " she ask " yes that would be nice" I said . "So who are those boys over there" I asked . "Oh them stay away from them but if you have to know there names are Harry Liam Zayn Niall and Louis " she said. " oh but why do I have to stay away from them" I ask agin "I heard that they sleep with girls every night and the next day leave them and they go for the good girls like you and I and turn them bad" She said I just started to laugh so hard at what she said " why are you laughing " she asked " those are just lies " I told here . We just laugh the whole time .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~| Amy pov•

I was walking to the Lunch area with Sammy we sat down at a the closet table we could find next to the boys we were spying on them and this is what we heard " did you see the new girl " Harry asked them " ya I plan on getting in her pants " Zayn said " I know she is just so hot " Niall said " nah I think the girl that she sat by was hot what's her name Sam or Sammy I think " said liam " no. She is hot" Louis said " you guys I think her and her friend are spying there siting right next to us and starring to . The all look back " say some thing to me Amy " Sammy whispered to me . " so what are your fav animal " I ask a little louder so they could here " dog you" she asked " gray wolf " I said by that time all the boys came to our table and sat down Louis sitting on my right and Niall sitting on my left and Zayn sitting my Niall and Liam sitting on Sammy right and Harry on her left " so I see you girls were spying " Harry said " no we weren't now leave us alone I said . And then got up and walked away with Sammy but Niall got Up and slammed me on the wall and had his body right on mine pushing me on the wall his fore head on mine I could feel his breath on my face " you don't ever speak to me like that " and he put his hand on my leg " now say your sorry " he said " sorry " now you a good girl " he said and walked away with every one looking at us I just looked at Sammy and she gave me a scared look It was kinda like the look I was giving her

~~~~~~~~~~~~~|amy pov•

When I got home I went strait to my room and jumped on my bed then my phone started to buzz . I unlocked my phone to see who I was from

From Sammy to Amy

Hey Do u what to go to a party tonight it's a Friday ? ;)

To Sammy from Amy

Ya why not what time

From Sam to Amy

9;00 I will pick u up see u then I have to go get ready talk to you later :)

It was 7:45 I only have an hour and 15 min

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