Forbidden Love

Tara Witner was in trouble.
The last thing she needed on her mind was a boy.


3. Just You And Me

The next three hours were spent crying silently to myself in my room. I jerked up and wiped my tears away as the door unlocked and swung open. Henry's dad stood in the doorway. "Dinner." Was all he said. I suddenly realized how hungry I was by my rumbling stomach. I followed him to a kitchen. It actually looked... welcoming. 

I sat at the table across from Henry. He gave me a quick glance and then looked down once again at the wooden table. What was his problem? I stared at him for a few more seconds until a plate of spaghetti plopped down in front of me. "Thanks." I mumbled. I took the fork next to me and dug in.

"So," I looked up. "I have news." I looked to Henry to see if he knew what his father was about to say. If he did he didn't show it. "I will be gone for three weeks and Henry will be looking after you." He said nodding at me. My heart started to pound. Three weeks all alone with Henry? Henry shot a quick look at me and then just as quickly looked away. 

Dinner finished shortly after that announcement. I was led back to my room by Henry. He pushed me inside and slammed the door. "HEY!" I screamed through the door. The door opened again. "What?" Henry asked sounding annoyed. "What's wrong with you?" I asked softly. He looked at me intently before sighing and running a hand through his luscious brown  hair. "Nothing." 

"Are you sure?" I didn't want Henry to hate me or something. "Yes I'm fine." He huffed. With that he stomped out of my room. He left me standing there mouth agape and feelings hurt. 

That night I tossed and turned. I couldn't sleep. Eventually I decided to get some water. Surly they would let me get water. I walked to the kitchen in nothing but a tank top and pajama shorts. I stopped when I heard voices coming from the kitchen. It sounded like Henry and his dad.

"Dad we can't just keep her here like a prisoner." 

"I know son but we need her father's money."

"Okay but she's all over the news. How do we know the police aren't on their way right now?"

"The man who helped me in her abduction works in the local police force. They won't be coming here anytime soon. "

"I just don't think this is right father." Henry's voice was barely audible. "Look, it's only for a little while.Once her father pays the ransom, she's free to go but in the meantime she's staying with us." It was silent for a few beats. Then the dad spoke up again. "Tomorrow morning I'll be gone and you'll have to look after her. Under no circumstances does she leave this house. Are we clear?" 

"Yes father."  I heard footsteps approaching so I booked it back to my room. 

I jumped into my bed and pulled the blankets over my head. Just when I thought I was safe a light switched on in my room. I turned to look at who the intruder was. Henry. "So I'm guessing you heard the conversation." He leaned against the door frame. "I'm sorry. I-I was just going to the kitchen to get some water. I swear." I sat up in the bed. "Well you should know that he's gone now. It's just you and me for the next three weeks." My heart sped up as he spoke. He inched further into my room until he was right by my bed. "Don't worry, I'm lots of fun." He spoke in a low, sexy voice. He leaned down until his mouth was right by my ear. "Nice pj's by the way." I blushed and looked away. I heard him chuckle and then the door closed and the light turned off once again. Did that just happen? Why was he being so flirty all of a sudden? I sat in the darkness contemplating these questions until finally I gave up and drifted off into a deep sleep. 



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